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The issuance of this "Baath Message" coincides with the second month of the Zionist continued aggression on the Palestinian people in Gaza, killing hundreds of martyrs , wounding thousands of innocent  civilian women, children and elderly people and completely destroying thousands of houses, while the Palestinian Resistance is continuing its responding on the Zionist occupation crimes and massacres by shelling the Zionist colonies with tens of rockets, killing tens of the Zionist enemy soldiers and officers, wounding hundreds, destroying several military vehicles and war materials, as well as capturing one of its soldiers.

After rejecting the Egyptian initiative by the Palestinian Resistance, unless such initiative includes the embargo lift-up, halt the aggression and open the passes, talks are revolving on amending the initiative to include the Resistance demands. There is also another talk about a longtime humanitarian appeasement, in order to  open the door for negotiations which will lead to a new agreement.

The talk about initiatives, a new agreement and appeasement, etc, is useless unless it includes stopping and not repeating the aggression, lifting up the embargo and opening the passes. Here, we warn of Zionist solutions attempts which seek to annex parts of the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza strip to Egypt in order to weaken the Palestinian independence components and carry out division and fragmentation plans which target all the Arab homeland countries.

The continued Zionist aggression on Gaza and the massacres against the Palestinian there " Alshojaeyah, Rafah and other places  shall have their impacts and repercussions on the entire region  security and stability. The aggression will not  achieve its objectives. It will only achieve more destruction of all forms of life,  killing more and more innocent people, aiming basically to annihilate the Arab Palestinian people who are adhering to their land, resisting the aggression and occupation in order to liberate their land and restore their usurped rights.

Despite the aggressiveness of the cosmic war on Syria, Palestine was never absent from her circle of attention. Palestine was always the other title of Syria sons steadfastness against the terrorist takfiri groups. Here, we remember his Excellency President Bashar al- Assad  in his constitutional oath, when he asserted that Palestine shall remain the central cause, on the basis of the principles and reality and the linkage, imposed by such reality, the linkage between what is happening in Syria and that which is happening in Palestine.

Therefore, it is requested today to stand side by side with the Palestinian people, consolidate the national unity of the different Palestinian factions and back the Resistance which is achieving great successes, embarrassing the Zionist enemy morally and politically, and to consider it an inevitable necessity for repulsing the aggression and aborting its plans and restoring the whole  usurped rights.

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