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The BASP dedicated Article 8 of its Constitution to the Arabic Language " which  is the official language of the state and citizens, recognized for writing  and education", due to the BASP realizing the importance of the Arabic language in the civilization building, the protection of our existence and our identity and believing in the fact that the Arab Nation steadfastness in the battle of the cultural identity requires the maintenance of the Arabic language, because it is the bayonet  head in this battle.

The Arabs are credited for being able, after exhausting efforts, to obtain an issuance  of an international resolution adopting the Arabic language as an official language at the UN, and in the official international circulation about two months after the October Libration War, while the Arabs were at the peak of their strength.

The Arabic language is one of the oldest Semite languages and one   of the most used languages in the world. It is the holy Quran  language. It is particularity arises from its close linkage with the Arab Nation civilization. It produced along the history a  civilization heritage in different arts and became the language of sciences, literature,  civilization and politics.

The Arabic  language speakers today  are more than 422 millions as their first language ( UNs estimation) and it is expected to be 647millions in 2050. The UNESCO  assigned the 18th of December as the Arabic language International Day.  The day when the  General Assembly acknowledged the Arabic language in 1973 among the official languages in its organizations.

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