On 16/7/2014, Mr. Dr.  Bashar Hafez al- Assad took the constitutional oath as President of the Syrian Arab Republic  before the speaker and members of the people Assembly  with the presence of political, religious, information, scientific, athletic, artistic, social personalities and families of Syrian martyrs. 

His Excellency president Bashar al- Assad delivered a speech in which he congratulated Syria and her people  who defied by all  the means they have, all forms of hegemony and aggression. He said: The Syrians proved that they are a unique people , the most capable of teaching the subservients  in the Arab region concepts they did not know, such as persistence, defiance, dignity and democracy.

He asserted that the aggression on Syria was not for letting the people get rid of  negative attitudes they suffer from, but for targeting the sovereign national state, the national identity, the Arab affiliation, the true Islam, the unique Christianity and the matchless homogeneity in our society.

Mr. President specified two important tracks  for the coming phase: to combat terrorism and to carryout  national reconciliations . This confirms  that the useful solutions  are pure Syrian solutions .

He pointed at the fact that the foundation on which the crisis was built is the lack of ethics which is the biggest obstacle, facing the societies development. He instructed that corruption should be  hit at with iron grip, emphasizing the importance of the administrative reform in the state institutions, development of educational institutions and the most important role of the society and family.

For the coming phase, Mr. President designed two important aspects, represented by  the homeland. Rebuilding and protection, rebuilding it ethically, psychologically, morally and materially, calling for practicing the education of initiative , cooperation and altruism, instead of passivity and individualism.

He asserted that the Palestinian cause shall remain the central cause, on the basis of the principles and reality and what this reality imposes, such as the interrelation between what happens in Syria and the happening in Palestine.

He saluted the Syrian Arab people who brought back to the Revolution its true meaning. He saluted the Syrian Arab Army, and faithful sons of the Lebanese  Resistance. He thanked Russia and China  who defended the UN Charters, stipulating for the respect of states and noninterference in their internal affairs. He concluded, saying that the new phase has begun and we are ready for it. Syria deserves all our efforts, perspirations and work . We will not refrain  from giving anything to her, just like  our heroes who  did not refrain from giving their bloods and souls to her. Syria shall remain lofty, strong, steadfast and invulnerable in facing the aliens. We, the Syrians, shall remain an invulnerable bastion for her and for her dignity.