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Comrade Abdullah Alahmar, the Assistant Secretary General of the  BASP, sent a cable  to Mr. Kim Jung Wun, the First Secretary of the Korean Labor Party, First President of the National Defense Committee and Commander in chief of the Korean People Army, on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of the departure of Kim Il Sung

The Founder of the People democratic Republic of Korea. The cable expressed  Comrade Alahmar   high appreciation of the unique virtues  of this fighter who devoted his life to liberate his homeland, high elevate its building, and serve his people and peacefully reunite Korea. Thank to him and to the immortal leader Hafez al- Assad, the solid relations, existing between our two peoples and parties, were founded, the cable expressed confidence that the friendly Korean people, under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jung Wun, will continue the developing of the friendship and cooperation relations between our two parties for the wellbeing of our two militant peoples.

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