• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Mhd Kasem Taha

Parties play an important role in foreign politics, whether they are in power or out of it. They participate in the decision making process. They play as mediator at the foreign level and can carry out a parallel diplomacy, backing and supporting the state.

The BASP is lauded for its distinguished presence and supporting stands for the Arab nation cause, first of all the Palestine cause, for introducing this cause, as well as other Arab causes, to the international arena in order to win the support of the peoples of different countries. The BASP is also lauded for being able to weave friendship and cooperation relations with a big number of parties  and movements in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America which represented an important factor in winning the support and respect of their peoples at regional and international levels.

International policy, Reflecting  Pan Arab National Interest:

In 1974, the party first founding congress specified the broad lines of the party international policy. Article 22, of the Party Constitution: The Arab state foreign policy is derived from the pan- Arab national interest and the immortal Arab message which aims at participating, with the other nations, in finding a harmonious, free and secure world., following a road of permanent advancement.

             Article 23: The Arabs struggle, using all their powers, to destroy the supports of        colonialism and occupation and all foreign political and economical influence in their countries.

Article24: Since the Arab people alone are the source of each power, therefore, all treaties and documents, violating the Arab total policy, concluded by the governments, shall be void and null.

Article25: the Arab foreign policy wants to show the true image of the will of the Arabs to live free, and their true desire to see all the nations enjoying freedom.

Developing Methods of Unionist work and Solidarity Enhancement:

In the Arab policy field, the BASP 12th National Congress (July 1975)made several decisions. The most important ones are:   Developing the methods of unionist work, handling the relation with the Arab countries and achieving an effective coordination of a united military commandment and the economical unity for serving the Arab solidarity and the work for achieving a full Arab economic integration. In the international policy field: Supporting the Nonalignment Movements, enhancing and developing the cooperation with the socialist   countries, developing the relations with Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as developing the relations with Europe and achieving the Arab European dialogue. 

The BASP first National Congress (July 1980)emphasized the solidification of Arab solidarity in order to face  the Zionist enemy and its  plans in the region, continuation of support  to the  Arab Palestinian  struggle and achieving any possible unionist step. In the field of international policy: consolidating and deepening the relations of the strategic alliance between the BASP and its revolution, on one hand, and the friendly Soviet union and the socialist countries , on the other hand, as well as consolidating the relations of cooperation and alliance with the world progressive movement, supporting, enhancing and developing the nonalignment movement and to benefit from the Islamic Conference Organization for supporting the Arab stands on the international arena and to work through the United Nations and its organs for winning more support to our national causes.


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