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Dr. Hasan Hameed

What an exalted patriotic moment and historical anthem, repeated by books. A stand of pride, challenging events and occurrences. Yes, I'm talking about   Yosuf Alazma, the uniquemilitary commander, noble patriot and martyr who saw his luminous road and bravely walked it. Ministers, dignitaries , governors, man of fame and culture poets and men of influence bride to dissuade him in order to avoid bitter glass because of the horrible brutal French legions, but he refused, saying no, enough. Because the call of homeland, honor, heroism and martyrdom filled his ears, chest and heart. He walked forward, repeating: It is not shameful to face the French legions with the small forces I have with me. It is shameful to let them enter the Cham Sharif without confrontation, without myself, I, Yosuf Alazma, leading the arms bearers. I am going to martyrdom. I see it ahead of me. Because martyrdom is the glory home, and I don't want anything else. That redeeming Arab spirit, which Yosuf Alazmainscribed it as lines taken from the soul melting and juice, in the Arab patriotic record, shall have later on, reading with never ending meanings to be outspoken by the people of nationalism and the people of sacrificing in Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Maghreb and Palestine.  Yosuf Alazma martyrdom was   only the most luminous gate for names to be recorded by history, such as Sultan Basha Alatrash, Saleh Alali, Ibrahim Hanano, Said Alaas, Ahmad Mreiwed, Hasan Alkharat, Said Akkash, Mohamad Alashmar, Ezzuddin Alkasam, Abdul kader Alhusaini., Omar Almokhtar, Rashid Aali Alkeilani, Saed Zaghlol and Abdul Moeen  Riadh.

Yes, while we are in the vastnesses of Meisalon 94th Anniversary, I saywith clear voice: If glory were a man, it would be Yosuf Alazma, if honor were a man, it would be Yosuf Alazma and if immortality were a departure, it would be Yosuf Alazma departure.

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