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The study and analysis of the " Arab Economical Integration,Reasons of Hindrance & Requirements of Success" put forth a vital important issue, starting from the following facts:

·        The urgent need to achieve this integration: For two basic reasons. First- the disability of any country, alone, to achieve growth and tackle the problems it suffers from.

Second- The incapability of each country to face the challenges which are imposed by the globalization due to the lack of proportion in dealing with big blocks of the world economy whose role is increasing in formulating and directing the economical relations between the countries.

The Most Important Requirement for theIntegration  Success:

Since the process of achieving the integration is compound, economical, social, political and security process, realism necessitates to work on all its components for the success of the Arab Economical Integration which we want. This can be by paying attention to the following:

1.     Strengthening the integration support, enhancing and diversifying it in order to make it able to satisfy the needs of  the markets of its component countries, guaranteeing the interests of the economical powers which are working at its production stage, exchanging, distribution and consumption.

2.     Correcting the defect in the wealth distribution between the countries.

3.     Increasing the broad masses participation in making the growth decision   through spreading and deep seating the true democratic concepts which can formulate  the integration principles, specifying its directions and protecting it against its opponent forces.

4.     The need to diversify the parties which are effective in the  integration process in such a way that their presence in the integration is not limited to the numerical or the quantities aspects. The integration success depends on the broadening of such participation to become cultural, economical, and political participation in the integration institutions and the joint Arab work, in proportion  with their sizes and potentials.

 In addition to what has been said, achieving the economical integration depends on the emergence of a political system, believing in the important role and effectiveness of the economical integration in maintaining political stability for the integration countries and protecting  it from external dangers which threaten its security and independence, in particular, and the Arab security, in general.

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