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What is happening in Gaza? How does it happen? While international laws, norms and agreements, international organizations, satellites, world of technology and humanitarian appeals, they are all  almost drowning the world with noble words, humanitarian aspect and demands to do justice to the victims of injustice.

How this Zionist entity remains reveling, brutally killing, expelling, oppressing and besieging the Palestinian people, from Algelili to Um Alrashrash and from Gaza to Ariha, under the world eyes and in front of cameras and the press. No one in the world moves seriously to do justice to the Palestinians inside their homeland, to save them while they are inside their houses, schools and hospitals.

How the blind world keeps silent about the brutal Zionist practices. How the world ignores all these while every day  fall tens of martyrs and hundreds are wounded. Between one historical pause and another, Zionism perpetrates massacres, blood is shed, roads to graveyards open and no one moves, as if what is happening is going on in another planet.

The scene is painful. Days of blood, mews of blood and disappointment. But hope, all the hope, is in the Resistance, it's thought and bravery because nothing can stop  the Zionist reveling and barbarism except the Resistance.

Glory to the steadfastness.

Glory to the true Arabism represented by our people in Gaza.

Glory to Alshojaeyah, Almaghazi, Gebalia, the tunnels and the deterring rockets, defending the homeland.

Glory to the blessed martyrs.

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