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Mass consciousness began to realize the importance of written, audible and visual press after the W. War II, specially on the background of the great role, played by the audible press of the Nazi Camp, misguiding the public opinion and crushing the convictions and facts over broad areas of this planet. Then came the big jump of the Information Revolution and Social Intercommunication during the last quarter of the 20th century.

An Arab Poet in pre-Islam time talked about signs of the mass media and its capability to break through screens and invade the borders between peoples and nations when he said:



And the poet continues to say that such news  will be told to you without a pre-set date or time. It is as if the Arab poet was seeing the future: telephones, telexes, faxes, radio sets, TVs and all kinds of mobiles and their uses.

After they felt the sensitivity of the press word in the societies lives and public opinion formulation, the educated people, writers and press people called, during the fifties of the 20th century, for forming the World Journalists Union, supported then by the Soviet Union, in Prague, composed of more than 120 journalists syndicates  from more than 100 countries. Syria was one of its founders.

The journalists of the Capitalist side formed the International Journalists Union in Brussels. Israel occupies important positions in it. In the mid sixties of the 20th century, the journalists of the Arab homeland called for forming the General

Federation of Journalists. The Syrian Journalists Syndicate was one of its founders.

The ugliest and most abominable scandal that distinguished the press, the petro-dollar organ, was shown while covering the events of the cosmic war on Syria during the past years of this catastrophic war in which takfiri ,terrorist wahabits from more than 180 countries participate, Gulf oil treasuries and Zionist- American arsenal doors were wide open to finance and back this war.

Slaughtering the facts by the American, European, Zionist and Wahabist  media began at stages:

1.     On the day when this media tried to convince its demons that the occurrences in the Arab region is a "spring" for the homeland to bloom and enjoy freedom, democracy, justice and building. Through its Sats. and spies, this media knows that the supporters of this spring in the Arab homeland did not know anything about democracy, especially in the petrol, gas and backwardness countries.

2.     This media tried to use political Islam as weapon in the battle, ignoring that Islam is justice, peace and love. Islam is not  mosques, schools and hospitals destroying and not innocent people killing, Islam is not human livers and hearts eating.

3.     The hostile media invented a village called" eye witnesses", where the so-called "witnesses" speak from Miami or Dubai hotels describing the killing in Damascus or Aleppo in order to make the viewer or audience" believe that the witness is in the midst of the battle, while in fact, the witness is talking about his dreams and wishes, far from reality as earth is far from the sky.

4.     The hostile media use a package of malicious and confused terms which contribute  to obliterate the facts: when it speaks about the Syrian Arab Army, it says: al-Assad   gropes, while when it speaks about those who deserted from the Syrian Arab Army and those who fled to Turkey, it describes them as" free army" and no wonder it describes the honored Lebanese national Resistance as " terrorist groups" while it describes the Zionist  gangs as self defenders.

Truth Alone Deserves Victory:

The petrol and gas media people and their masters will realize, even too late, that the monster they fostered for a long time shall sweep all things they built and stole from the Arab citizens. It will set their beards and abase a fire if it ( the monster) remained alive after being trampled down and terminated by the Syrian Arab Army who is fighting this monster gangs who live and behave outside the  boundaries of time, logic, religion and history.

The honest media people on the Arab and International arenas will feel that they were in strong position protecting them from the lies of the misguiding media, and the truth alone deserves victory, because the exclusive right to own it belong to our steadfast people, brave army and martyrs.

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