• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

The UFR is a democratic, centrist party of the masses. Its slogans: Unity, Justice and Work. it was founded to accompany the change will and to be a political project, long time needed for Mauritania. It is led by the ruling majority coalition since 2009. The Baath Message reviews the party foundation, principles, objectives, organizational structure and leadership. It focuses on its congresses, political participations and relations with the Baath Arab Socialist Party.


It was founded by deputies known as" No Confidence Members of Parliament" who supported President Mohamed Weld Abdul Aziz, the presidential guards leader and demanded the deposition of the former president Sedi Weld Shikh Abdullah. The party obtained the official license on 31 March 2009.

Relations With The BASP:

It has good relations with the  Baath Arab Socialist Party organized according to a cooperation agreement  between the two parties, signed during  the visit of the Union Party to Syria on 21-23 November2009.

The two parties are interested in developing their relations and exchange experiences and visit and coordinate their stands toward different causes. They both strongly support the struggle of the Arab Palestinian people and their rights to self determination and establishing their own independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital, and they back all Arab just causes.

As an expression of their relations came the visit by the National Leadership delegation, led by Abdullah Alahmar, to Mauritania on 25/10-1/112009 and the participation of the  NL delegation led by Ass Sec General in the opening session of the Union Party first ordinary congress on 9/7/2010 when he delivered a speech, pointing at the importance of the relations between the two parties and the role of these  relations in strengthening and developing the relations between the two brotherly  peoples and countries.

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