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    National Party Organlzations 

The occupation army does not need to make much efforts  for finding pretexts for aggression. This time, the pretext  for the new aggression was kidnapping, by unknown parties, three Zionist settlers. Later on, their corpses were found.  As a reaction to this kidnapping, the Zionist settlers kidnapped and burned to death a Palestinian boy. Confrontations between Palestinian youths  and Zionist settlers began in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and other places. Then the perfidious aggression began on Gaza. More than 1900 martyrs and more than 9750 wounded, amidst horrible Arab silence whose response was nothing more than a formal meeting of the Arab League which produced a poor abridged statement condemning the occurrences in Gaza, demanded violence stopping and Arab shameful mediation between the Zionist entity and the victim.

The snake head, America, considered the Zionist entity aggression as a self-defense, and, as it was expected, after the violent Zionist air raids on the Strip, the Zionist occupation army carried out a wide land attack on the Strip in order to destroy the Resistance positions and assassin its leaders.


The Baath and the Future

Course and Reviews

The Baath Message in this edition deals with a "Study" made by Dr. Ali Okla Ersan, titled "The Baath and the Future, Courses and Reviews".

Under the headline "The National Project", the writer says that the National Project, equally like the national thought, needs a renewal that includes the concept, the method, the organizing, the means and tools and rebuilding the memory, the determination and will, and to benefit well from the past experience which lasted for decades, from facing modern data and challenges and from the Arab and international positive and negative directions.

Under the title "The Arab Unity", the Writer sees that any plan for an effective Arab Union within the framework of an Arab review of the unionist experiments and the possible steps refreshes the hopes in its relative over passing of the frozen state or the inertia which is lived by the Arabic language.

This calls for developing its charter, its organizational and executive framework and methods of its performance.

Under the title "Unity Between Culture Drives and Economy Motives", the writer sees that the Arab unity is the most important national need at a time when globalization is sweeping the markets, states sovereignties and peoples identities. He emphasized that culture remains the most clear and most capable Arab causes for creating future generations and leaders and changing the Arab memory and consciousness, combating the forms  of devastation of the remaining ties between the nation sons and countries, hinting at the importance of the cultural effect for a more comprehensive conscience on which generations are brought up to produce Arab politicians and economists who put the national interest higher than the regional one.


Arab Unity: The Sole Road to Liberate Palestine

Mohamed Ezzat Darwaza: National thinker and writer, a historian, man of letter and one of the prominent figures of the national struggle and the most prominent geniuses of the nationalist thought.

He was born in Nablus in 1887, studied in government schools until he got preparatory degree, with distinction, the highest education stage then. He could not continue his study because of his family circumstances. His father sent him to work at the Post and Telegraph Office in 1906. He lived in different places in Syria (Cham) until he became secretary of the General Directorate Office in Beirut.

He worked for a short period as Prince Abdullah Secretary in 1920. He became the Director of Alnajah School in Nablus 1921 until 1926, Nablus Endowments Director 1932-1937. The British Occupation Administration seized the Endowments  Directorate and discharged him.

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