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    National Party Organlzations 

Dr Salim Barakat

We are going to deal with this headline in the light of the Arab cultural reality and its relation with the present world cultural reality. In this dealing, we are going to limit our self to analyze this phenomenon as it really is , as clearly shown to the examining critical eye, without emotion and ideological fanaticism, in order to specify precisely and objectively the cultural breakthrough on the Arab reality level, which are dedicated within hostile cultural strategies to shift the Arab culture from the stage of dependency to a stage of chaos, without losing the direction and aim.

The predominating culture at this stage is the "past ideological conflict" between the capitalist camp and the communist one until the end of the 20th century. A conflict which produced the dismantling of the Soviet Union.

But today, after the demise of the" communist danger", as was called by the USA and its allies, an amazing  development took place, represented by the withdrawal  of the ideological conflict to be replaced by the predominating cultural break though, produced by globalization, the most dangerous phenomenon threatening  mankind history, a breakthrough which is targeting the national culture, showing the difference between  itself and the ideological conflict by continued work to destroy the national culture of the peoples, including the Arab national culture which was not targeted during the ideological conflict time, which was serving it by giving it a criticism vigor against the other, whether this other was communist or capitalist. This consolidated the national identity, contrary  to the  globalized and predominating cultural breakthrough which broke and fragmented the national identity. It is a new conflict, military force subjugation is not among its priorities , souls or psyches are among them.

Culture Comes First:  

We have to answer this question: What to do? We have to go into the Arab interior   to renew it, set right its parts and re-link  it with the one Arab nation in a new modern way, because culture today is not just a collective duty, not a fight arena for notability. It is a priority giving to culture in order to  belong to this age.

Political hegemony is predominant in the Arab home land. The evidence is the decline and illiteracy spreading which we see, first of all, the illiteracy of destiny and the widening gap between traditionalism and modernity and the prevalence of solid matrixes at the expense of  scientific critical thought.

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