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    National Party Organlzations 

Dr  Ali Kanan

Faculty of Economy

Damascus University

The  Nonalignment Movement, after it had developed and became an effective  political organization in the international  politics, its members adopted during Algeria Conference in 1973 a call for establishing a New International Economic Order which brings about justice in production, distribution and prices and helps  the developing countries to achieve social and economical growth. And actually, the UNs  convened in April 1974 a conference which was dedicated for discussing the international economy and the economic and social justice.

The Conference Announced the Following:

We officially announce our unified determination to work for creating a New International Economic Order, based on justice, equality, correlation, common interests and cooperation between the countries, with disregard  to their economic and social systems. An order which handles the difference and corrects the present injustice aspects and makes it possible to get rid of the increasing abyss  between the advanced countries and the developing ones and maintains steady economic and social growth, peace and justice for present and future  generations. To achieve such system or order, the Conference decided a number of procedures to bring about the specified aims which centered on industrialization, tech transference to the developing countries, , specifying fair prices  for the new materials and helping these countries to manufacture theirmaterials and export them, so that the added value rises and contributes to workers employment and income increase.

Under the globalization shadow, the independent national decision melted and its dependency increased by opening the Arab national economy for the multinational companies which imposed production regulations, import-export regulations and investment  regulations which led to the demise of the Arab economic  integration and the work stopped at the Greater Arab Free Trade Zone which was the beginning of the sole road to the Arab economic unity, and since the Arab countries know the negative effects of these companies and the dimensions  of merging in the world economy, therefore, they have to return to the  revival of the national decision and the Arab economic integration inclinations.

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