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M. Kamal al- Hesan

It is neither a drift by sentiment, nor a gust of emotion when we describe our Arab Palestinian brothers and relatives, under the Zionist occupation since the 1948 catastrophe, as Arabs, yes they Are Arabs . they are the Arabs' Arabs.

The Palestinians Are  Genuine Arabs:

The  genuine  Arab Palestinians, living today under the Zionist occupation, suffer most painfully when they hear their brothers calling them " Israel's Arabs ". This appellation which is now used even by the Diaspora  Palestinians. Few days ago, I was very much shocked  and provoked while watching and hearing on TV a Palestinian woman from the occupied Palestine saying: it is not enough for us living under the Zionist enemy role, and you our people come and replace our name by our enemy's name?

The Resistance Rifles are Damascene:

Our relatives under occupation, God is with you. Your Arab Nation, with its revolutionaries and resistance men, support you. Immortality  to you my homeland. Relatives, as these relatives, deserve our continued resistance until we enjoy the happiness of being with you on the land of the dear beloved Palestine.

And in this occasion, I say that expressing this was spontaneous, and the translation of this national linkage was always made by the Arabs. The Alburaq Revolution rifles in 1936 and those of 1948 Resistance were mostly  Damascene , so after this, is there anyone who finds its strange that the Gaza rockets were  Damascene. You, the Damascene sword, erected in Omayyad Square in Damascus, will remain, as you always were through history, the Arab sword, unsheathed in the face of the nation enemy, traitors and rogues.

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