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Albaath Message made the following dialogue with Mr. Mahfouz Wold Aziz, the General Secretary of the Mauritanian Unionist Democratic Party on 1/9/2014, while visiting Syria:

-         Tell us about your visit to Syria?

-         First, I want to say that Damascus is, for us, Arabism capital and pulsing heart. It is tied with the depth of our Arab and Islamic history. From here came to us Okba bin Nafei and Mosa bin Noseir. Therefore, when we come to Syria we come to our history, we return to our roots and homes, to the capital of our nation which is embracing our national causes. This visit is within the framework of the mutual visit and the special relations between the BASP and the MUDP, and within the framework of consultation, coordination and cooperation between our two parties. We were briefed by comrade Abdullah Alahmar, the Assistant Secretary General of the party and the comrades in the National Leadership about the latest developments in Syria and we exchanged  views about different Arab causes.

-         What is the role of the political parties under these difficult situations?

-         The political parties may play an important role through orienting the people masses and make them well aware of the Zionist-American project danger against the Arab nation and the damage the armed terrorist groups will inflected on our Arab nation. therefore, the parties must remain at a permanent state of alert, because this stage is the most dangerous stage  our Arab nation is undergoing. The armed terrorist groups are fighting the heart of our existence. So, we, as parties, have to forget our differences and confront this brutal monster which is threatening our existence, religion, and values, as well as our unity and culture. I believe that the parties' role is no less important than the role of the soldier who is fighting the terrorist at the front.

-         Do you believe that the United Nations' Resolution /2170/ on Syria and Iraq, in its west formula, can contribute to the fight on terrorism?

-         America and its allies are trying to show themselves as anti-ISIS and Nusra while America, it’s allies and stooges are the ones who created this terrorism, armed and financed it. If they really wanted to fight terrorism, they would have ordered Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to stop financing ISIS and Nusra and other terrorist organizations in Syria. We believe that Resolution /2170/ can't succeed in fighting terrorism unless terrorism sources are dried and all terrorists are eliminated. It can't succeed without coordination with Syria because she is the one who is first and last interested in confronting this criminal terrorism.

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