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D.r Husein Joma

We see, from time to time, some researches on the Arab Cultural Security as an indivisible part of the homeland and nation security….

This is undoubtedly a right because the cultural security is of no less important status than the internal and external military security, economic security or social security. The nation which does not protect its cultural security is threatened by extinction, specially that the dangers of this style have become ramified at many levels which begin by maintaining the identity and end with the awareness of opening on the other and not melting in this other's culture or becoming its satellite, and in between, lie the means which achieve the cultural security by education, teaching and information. The nation is in more need to develop its tools and technologies at the beginning of the crisis to which it  is exposed as it is happening under the present circumstances where the instincts are imposing their power, many people,  blindly  and by instinct, were  driven behind the consumption greed and enjoyment of the depleted earth riches. Therefore, several people were possessed by sanguine zoologic instincts that are mixed with devilish inclination, escalated to become hate and malice phenomenon which killed, destroyed, slaughtered and maimed and violated human dignity. They clothed all these with the clothes of religious values and principles. The breach of cultural security makes those who have instincts and lusts accumulate at the banquets of money, corruption and devastation to smash all the nations good things.

Therefore, the breach of cultural security is of a greater danger on the existence and the nation and its values of the right, good and beauty, a danger which is greater than any other danger.

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The cultural security needs to renew the awareness of the national character and its civilized nature. Such awareness is to be built from childhood until middle age at all positions and institutions, as well as setting a scientific and educational program, supported by a real reform on the individual and collective levels, regional and national, It is a program depending on an integration of the individual and the society for building a developed homeland which realizes its cultural and social security.

This renewal accompanies a cultural awareness  of the nation heritage which calls for recreation and opens on the other without being slaves of that heritage, without becoming deformed  copies of the other´s  culture.

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