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Dr.  Aabed Fadleyeh

The Arab countries own all elements of the political power because they, together , own the economic power elements through owning all the production elements that are needed for any self- sufficient society. That is to say, they necessarily own the elements which are needed for the economic integration, which in its turn, forms the bases of the economic unity which can be as strong as the sincere

political will might be in a world  in which politics is formulated in order to serve the economy and the society, not as the real situation in the Arab homeland is, where the economy and society are serving the political aims.

Reality of the Joint Arab Economic Work:

The difference in the kind of national and human resources, the level of the richness and wealth and capital possession is just like the elements of similarity which might all be employed and harnessed as elements of power for establishing Arab integrative and unionist economic bases.

Since the middle of the 20th century, the joint Arabs economic work has  been characterized as having plenty of divisions, many cooperation councils, various unions and several agreements, but until now, it did not succeed at the satisfactory level in achieving the minimum limit  of the integrative economic aims which can push forward toward the hoped-for economic unity " the Arab Economic Unity" had been agreed on since July 1957. Its Council was established in June 1964. Then, the Common Arab Market was established. Decisions were made for fully cancelling custom and other kinds of duties and restrictions, establishing Arab joint holding companies and tens of agreements pertaining to labor, taxes, investment and transit. Arab monetary fund  was established and many initiatives were made for establishing  joint companies for land transport, production of tractors, fertilizers chemicals, railway wagons, etc..

The efforts of the joint Arab institutional official economic work were not limited to papers ( views, political obstacles or Arab countries sovereignty borders) and they did not lack ( at all the levels of executive and office work and official meetings) constructive ideas  and pretty cooperation and integration pictures. But most of them actually remained unsolved by Arab and non-Arab circumstances, restrictions and conflicting political and sovereignty interests.


Let us admit that the political atmosphere between the Arab countries is at its worst state since some decades. But we also know that the peoples interests are eternal and the most important. We ask these questions Don’t the Arab import lots of products whose capitals  are owned by Zionists? Doesn’t the Arab Egypt export its natural gas to Israel, for example?  In brief: the Arabs can disregard the political obstacles in the economic work.

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