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He who knows the Arab history, the Arab knighthood, the Arab culture, the Arab generosity the Arab nobility the Arab glorious days feels himself full of pride and grandeur because civilization, sciences, intimacy, cordiality and love are the Arab eternal characteristics within their presence and ascending, in houses and fields, the grapevines which are full of clusters at their season, dew at its season, green at its season and shades, at all times.

And because the Arab history and works are in many divans, I, now, have some of them for clarifying what the Arab nation enemies want to impose and establish as a culture which has no description and no heading but the culture of frustration, despair and capitulation, the culture of bellowing and weakness which says that the train has been missed  and the caravan of civilization is at a far, far distance, and we now outside the history. This is not correct. This is unfair. The Arab countries, since eternity, made the noble values attitude, behavior, nature and living, and books whose luminosity advance like the rivers which run to reach their mouths.

I am not going too far in the Arab history , but I will talk about  modern history and see what the culture great figures built, let us take the martyrdom of the poet Abdul Rahim Mahmoud who said:

On the palm of my hand I will carry my soul

And throw it in the death abysses

Either a friend pleasing life or an enemy angering death

Finally, here is Samih Alkasem, the Palestine great poet, composing his poem which became a book for every resisting soul:

Stature- erected, I walk

Olive branch in my hand palm

My pier on my shoulder

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