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Dr.Saber Falhout

In order to make an accurate diagnosis and a transparent treatment it is necessary to point at the reasons of this sudden " American wake up" to punish ISIS and mobilize the world for fighting it, having in mind that its dangers  are watched and known, and combating it by Syrian Arab Army has been going on since more than three years.

I am  certain that anyone who is following up the secrets of the American Zionist strategy in the region since this strategy declared that the borders of the  "American National Security"   are the last drops of oil in the Gulf and the Arab homeland, realizes that this rage on "ISIS and its sisters" in the bands of international crime and terrorism goes back to American- Zionist reasons:

1-    "ISIS" exceeding the red lines designed for it coming  close to "Erbil", the capital of the Zionist treasure in the north of Iraq.

2-    The use of intervention against terrorism, first of all "ISIS", as a means and subterfuge in order to tighten the control more over the destiny of the region and its internal affairs on different levels.

3-    America and the west realizing that the monster they created and fostered in Afghanistan during the eighties of the past century, has gained a big experience  in the industry of death "in Syria and Iraq"   and if its danger is not harnessed it would be a source of concern, panic and destruction for the American and European societies when this monster   is back at its western resources after the end of " The  Arab Spring banquet".

4-    Protecting the Gulf oil whose watchmen nerves in Ryad and Doha were broken down because of ISIS infiltration.

Undoubtedly, the UN resolution 2170 is an important precedence to be followed by other important ones, if the intentions are true and the spirits are pure, having in mind that our nation experience with the international Resolutions is not  encouraging, Resolution 242 on the central cause of Palestine, is a sufficient example.

Our confidence, which is consolidated on the field  ground every day is in our   steadfast people, wise leadership, and our ideological Army who is fighting legendary battles against ISIS terrorism and other terrorist groups. This is the best way to victory over this epidemic,  coming from the American- Zionist west, in alliance with the nation traitors, the rulers of oil and gas in the region.

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