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Cmd  Sami Kandil

Member of Palestinian Regional Leadership

When we do a research in Cultural Dimension, we exclude tens of meanings which were used by some researchers and writers such as culture of violence,  culture of bigotry, culture of infidelity, culture of tolerance, culture of dialogue, culture of argument, culture of war and culture of peace.

From here, the cultural conception must be rid of these meanings  and limit them to ideological things in spite of their numerous levels in simplicity and structure, in addition to the other face of culture which is the face of people heritage, traditions and folkloric arts.

Culture, in its civilized meaning, unite the nations sons under one noble, civilized cultural banner.  This does not prohibit each component of Arabism to have its special traditions and proverbs. In order not to let Arabism enemies use this civilized diversity to divide the people and disrupt their national unity, it is necessary to make a balance between the Arab culture, which unites the nation, and the people cultures of these components.

In this content enters the attempt, by some people, to make the vernaculars the culture language in order to direct a blow to the classical Arabic language, the first uniting element of the Arab nation.

Misguiding the Arab Orientation

The culture of capitulation, promoted by some people under the name of peace culture, is nothing but a process of misguiding the Arab orientation and driving it toward capitulation and subjugation to the Zionist colonialist western plan. It is one form of the cultural naturalization such as the use of the " Arab World" term instead of the "Arab Homeland". This term makes the Arab relations prisoner of the geographic neighborhood and deprive them the one unity identity, as a need to impose the plan of re division and partitioning the already partitioned and impose

The Zionist entity as a regional great power controlling small ethnic, sectarian and denominational states that have no identity.

In this content comes the term (the New and the Great Middle East)  and the term  (Jewish or Hebrew) term instead of ( Zionist entity).

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