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Dr.Salim Barakat

Thinking of realizing the Arab national plan, requires starting from the present reality, in order to rebuild, as a party, our present and future generations in a way which is in harmony with this plan. It would be necessary to ask how to realize it and what  are the needs for renewing it. A Query whose legitimacy cannot be argued under the present situations and the dangers  which are encircling the Arab nation. Just at rising this query, a feeling is created: the Arab National Plan which we have accompanying since the past century until the present stage needs now a renewal. In order to objectively answer this query, we have to probe the depths of its historic stage since the past century until this day, through knowing what it has achieved, not what has made, to find, according to the principle, it realized its objective of declaring the independence of the Arab countries. Because, in the near past, the historical job of this plan was the realization of this independence. But when the disability of the Arabs, as systems, to realize their national unionist plan and to liberate Palestine and enable it to get independence, the idea of Arab unity became somewhat weak and the Arab National plan faced an impasse. This was strengthened by consecutive catastrophes that befell the Arab Nation since Palestine catastrophe in 1947 until this day, including the 1967 aggression, the first and second Gulf wars and the Arab- Arab wars, we discover  that the Arab countries , among them these countries who promote the idea of Arab unity and the Arab national plan are no less persistent on their regionality   than the other ones . These countries are not prepared to sacrifice their regional states, neither for liberating Palestine, nor for establishing a merger of Arab unity. This has been proved by the failure of previous Arab unity experiments  and the shifting of the Palestine cause from being the central cause of the Arab people, to being a Palestinian cause, going to establish its regionality alone, without any interference on the form it chooses .

If the Palestinian state could impose its being by its people struggle, it will become  the last regional country in the Arab league. This means that all the sacrifices for country, since the beginning of the past century until now, could not end by  achieving the Arab unity, but to achieving the objective condition of independence.

It is not enough to put  forth the Arab nationalism slogan as being one of the axioms, nor considering the unionist achievements mechanisms as being necessarily available. But it is necessary to deal with these issues objectively and according to the requirements of the  Arab real situation. This requires several plans and the explanation of their mechanisms for achieving the objectives of the one Arab movement.

The Arab national work is not tactic but a strategy, linked with the whole big battle which is seen by the Arab homeland, inside and outside.

 Our Baath Arab Socialist Party must be ready for it, because it is the sole party, among all the Arab national movements, who is qualified for such battle. The one Arab movement cannot be achieved unless we want to realize it, and  it does not  become a real national plan unless we are determined to establish this plan specially while we are at a time where the national question is being rehabilitated, because the globalization worry awakened it all over the world. If the Arabs failed in rehabilitating their nationalism they will have no place neither in the globalization nor after it. 

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