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The water issue, in its importance, is not limited to local or Arab level, but it goes beyond that to regional and international levels. This issue gains a special importance in the Arab homeland because of limited and scarce water sources as well as great growth of population.

Studies show that the decrement of water in the Arab countries  will be one of the main destability reasons in the region  because the present Arab aquatic deficiency is estimated to be 45 billion cubic meter and it will be 127 billion cubic meter by the year 2030, in addition to the effects of the climatic changes and global warming which affect rain falls that will drop down to about 20% in that year. Last population statistics in 2013 showed that the population of the Arab homeland reached about 370 million. This is a heavy  pressure on alimentary, aquatic and natural sources in it, so what are we going to do about plans which look up to the future  and what about challenges we are facing today? The absence of priorities specifying? Are we preparing for strategic and midterm plans on national and pan Arab levels to deal with the challenges which are facing the Arab Aquatic Security? 

We have to face any developments which negatively affect the Arab Aquatic  rights. We have to support the political , social and economic relations between  shore- sharing countries and enhance  the dialogue for overcoming the water problem, guarantee and protect the Arab aquatic interests  on the basis of the international low and agreements.

Facing the present situation of the waters in the Arab homeland, the decrement, stealing, transforming  and assail which were perpetrated on these waters, we can say an integral Arab response is needed to face the Zionist entity plans for stealing the waters of the Arab homeland, and the allegations of Turkey about the Tigris and Euphrates as well as the plans made by the countries of the Nile River head basin.


All authorities which are concerned with water at all levels are requested to do their part in developing and implementing national and pan Arab strategies for improving and managing  the water sources in the Arab countries, and to make a united aquatic Arab policy and face the challenges to the Arab aquatic security, in order to reach at solutions and policies which contribute to enriching the Arab countries regional and national experiences.

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