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In this issue, the Baath Message  deals with " Art and Nationalism", a book written by  Dr. Afif  Bahnasi,   issued in 1965, together with a series of national books.

Dr.  Bahnasi begins his book by talking about the "Concept of Nationalism".

He says:

" Language and history are the stature of human group". He adds: " when we believe that language and history are the basis of the national idea, we, by language, do not mean the word but we mean the word and its spirit. As far as the Arabic language is concerned, it is just like any other language. It is a means for conveying ideas and enjoying literature and arts….. History is a collection of facts and events. It is the history of ideas and literature, the history of civilization and arts. He asserts that the road to an Arab national art cannot be a deviation from the road of the Arab homeland, and it is an inevitable need for awaking  the national feelings .

Under the headline" Art National Message" the writer sees that the art national massage is a direct message based on the art advance and development. It is a functional message, based on the themes and styles to which the artists resort  in their artistic works in order to convey the ideas, principles and instructions to the people. He points at the fact that the "mission of the national artist is to probe the Arab human being depths, because the Arab human being world is the world of the unique national artist".

Talking about " Nationalism Through Art History", Bahnasi asserts that art was one of the aspects of each nation´s life, he says:" We can look at art history with a new telescope and see it as a history of national movements in art",  pointing at a close linkage between the nation spirit and its art. Through art we can know the first concepts of each nationalism in a nation and follow up its mental, social and taste development. 

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