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The United Nations received the Palestinian cause after the British government referred it to it. And after the Division Resolution, other resolutions and recommendations by the General Assembly or the Security Council, followed. The most important ones are resolutions (181-194-242 and 338).

Resolution (181)… the Division Resolution:

After the Palestinian cause was referred to the UN, the General Assembly, on 15 May 1947, decided to form a "UN special committee on Palestine" to study all the problems related to Palestine and present a report, supported by solutions, to the General Assembly, the General Assembly made a recommendation to divide  Palestine ". The resolution was called" Palestine Division Plan" , and officially named the General Assembly Resolution 181.

Resolution (194)… the Absent Right to Return

After creating the Zionist entity, it occupied territories, more than what was assigned to it in the Division Resolution. The UN made nothing to coerce the Zionist entity to go back to the borders of Resolution (181). It did not do what is necessary for establishing the Palestinian state. All it did then was issuing Resolution (194) on 11 December 1948.

Resolution (242)and (238)… Perpetuating the Aggression

Six months after the 1967 aggression, the Security Council, on 22 November, same year, issued Resolution 242, which considered achieving a just settlement for the Palestinians refugees as one of the conditions for achieving a just and durable peace in the Middle East. It did not explain the meaning and the way of achieving a just settlement. This is considered as a perpetuation of the Zionist aggression.

On 22 November 1973, the Security Council Resolution 338 came as another back track , emptying the Palestinians cause from its political content, liquidating it, transforming it into a humanitarian cause only, conforming the security of the Zionist entity and imposing peace on the Arab countries.

These  Resolutions, even though  unjust, they were not implemented, let alone the Resolutions which were fair for the Palestinian, but not implemented too.

Unbalance Between the Security Council and the Gen Assembly

 The Palestinian cause is now in possession of the UN since 67 years. It issued tens of Resolutions and Recommendations pertaining to it. Some were unfair, but not implemented, like Resolution 3379 which tantamount Zionism with Racism, (issued in 1975 and cancelled in 1991).

The Unbalance between the General Assembly and the Security Council made the Assembly more consultative body, incapable of reforming its role. It became marginalized. Its resolution not binding. Unlike the Security Council which is predominated by the USA.

The BASP Attitude:

For the BASP, the Palestinian cause is all the Arabs cause. Because Palestine is the entrance through which the Zionist movement and colonialism entered to strike the Arab nation and its aspirations toward progress and unity, endangering the world Arab East. Therefore, the BASP rejected the division resolution as a crime on the Arabs rights and as a result of the colonialists powers will, America and Britain, in particular, who paved the way for the Zionists to invade this Arab part. The BASP decided to deploy the first phalange to defend Palestine. This attitude was expressed in a statement that the BASP issued on 23 January 1948 under the title " The Arab People Will not Stop at Abrogating the Division Plan". It rejected all international resolutions and recommendations that do not meet the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. The BASP attitude toward the  Palestinian cause did not and will never change. Because it is Syria's central cause, and as Comrade Regional Secretary of the BASP, President Bashar al- Assad  said in his presidential Oath address in 16/6/2014 , the Palestinian cause " shall remain the central cause, according to the principles, reality and the interconnection between the occurrences in Syria and those in Palestine, imposed by this reality".

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