• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Dr. Sayah Azzam

The Baath Arab Socialist Party, in its spring boards and principles, embodied the Arab Nation tendency towards its historical reality and natural position within the framework of its national pan-Arab unity and getting rid of the artificial partition and the abnormal situations that resulted from successive colonialist attacks to which the Arab Nation has been exposed throughout its long history.

Of course, the party role grew and its historical responsibilities increased after the eighth of March Revolution in 1963. It was also natural for the party to face new difficulties and challenges, just like any other revolutionary movement. But our party derived, from its own vigor and revolution an extraordinary capability for renewal, correction and victory over itself, overcoming the hindrances and accompanying the masses aspirations. This enriched its revolutionary balance and consolidated its capabilities for overlapping the difficulties and clinging to the national and pan-Arab constants which distinguished the party from other parties and movements.

Within this context came the Corrective Movement, made by the party bases and the people masses on the sixteenth of November 1970, led by the Immortal Leader Hafez Alassad. The masses of our people everywhere supported it, as a response to the previous situation, when the will of advance and progress was idle, and the party and Syria then living a stage of freezing, stagnation and isolation on the internal level and on Arab and international levels, specially while voicing high


bright slogans that had not positive practical reflection on the masses and national real situation, in addition to the emergence of the disability phenomenon among some leaderships who were disable of understanding the reality and to deal with it as it should be dealt with, in such a way that satisfies the party bases and the masses aspirations.

This line of Correction continued after the Immortal Leader departure and His Excellency Bashar Alassad became the Leader of the homeland ship. He maintained this line, developed and enriched it with valuable additions, specially by

Being committed to the national constants and persistent efforts

to achieve Arab solidarity and mobilize and unifies the powers against the Zionist enemy, and as far as the Arab Resistance, in Palestine, Lebanon and other places, is concerned, the support, given to the Lebanese National Resistance enabled it to defeat the Zionist entity in July war 2006 and helped it to become highly prepared when the Zionist entity waged its aggression on Gaza at the end of 2008 and early 2009 and later on in 2014, Syria alone stood on the side of the Resistance and supplied them with arms and equipments, as well as political support while most of the Arab countries took a spectator stand.

Now, the steadfast Syria is confronting the American-Zionist hegemony plans against the Arab region, therefore, pressures are escalated on Syria in order to subjugate it and deter her from her deep rooted national stand, by this global war, waged on her by America and her allies and stooges, through proxies and agents armed terrorist groups, who pretend that they want freedom and democracy, at one time, and pretend they want to lift high the banner of Islam at another time, while in


fact, Islam repudiates them. But Syria resisted and is still resisting, rejecting the external dictations.

The Anniversary of the Corrective Movement comes these days as a motive for our people and dauntless army for more resistance and sacrifices for the dignity of the homeland and the nation.

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