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Dr. Salim Barkat

The separation in 1961 ended the experiment of the unity that was made between Syria and Egypt in 1958. It was the first merger unity in new and modern Arab history. The separation had a catastrophe impact that made Syria after it live a unity crisis that accelerated the eruption of the Eighth of March 1963 Revolution. And because there were elements who exploited this Revolution under Right and Left slogans, such exploitation produced severe contradictions among the parties participating in this Revolution. These contradictions were ended on the 23rd of February Movement 1966. The Movement that added a page of struggle to the party pages, If it were not for the maneuvering and hegemony on it by the extremist leadership, such hegemony produced the needs and justifications for the Correction. Some of them are: the total rupture between Syria and the other Arab countries, especially after the June 1967 aggression proved the uselessness of this leadership, as well as the severe division in the party body, that resulted from hiding behind slogans that the facts and practices proved them to be  false and overtaken by the events, in addition to the fact that the Immortal Leader Hafez Alassad, being one of this leadership members, specified phased objectives for its work: the liberation of the occupied Arab territories, not neglecting any part of them and commitment to the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Arab Palestinian people that cannot be restored but by a pan-Arab national battle in confronting the Zionist enemy. This also cannot be done but through building the Syrian internal front and enhancing her military capabilities in order to guarantee the victory in this battle. This also cannot be done but through coordination on the Arab level and work for uniting the Arab nation powers and the integration of the joint Arab action, specially with Egypt.

Those who monitor the correction reasons, its springboards that were put by the provisional Regional Leadership at that time, later on programs of work that were adopted by the Party Congresses and its leaderships on local, Arab, regional and international levels and the achievements in Syria, realize that the event which took place in Syria was a Revolution, not a coup d'etate, as some liked to call it.

This Movement formed a great start for the party in order to shape the contemporary Arab history. And if monitoring the historical transformations, throughout this Movement, is impossible, it would be necessary to pause at the most important ones of this transformations that make Syria an effective Arab power that surprised the world by her creating a huge quantities of thought and practice which were produced by the struggle school of the Immortal Leader Hafez Alassad.

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