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This term " national reconciliation " is being much used today. For example, you rarely find a group that does not talk about its significance and implementation. It never occurred to its mind that it will come to this situation, after all the efforts and struggle of the Syrian people, during their contemporary history, for their freedom and for their homeland sovereignty and anchoring the notion of political pluralism since they obtained their independence. These are the principles that the Corrective Movement resorted to in 16/11/1970 when it established the National Progressive Front. The Correction approach was the openness to the political, social and cultural currents and the use of all humanitarian and economical potentials for the elevation and advancement, and for confronting the enemy, as being the common enemy of both the Arab and the Islamic nations.

Therefore, the Arab people in Syria, particularly the youth, welcomed this very much, contributed to building an ambitious national renaissance, maintained the new national political experiment and looked toward promoting the charter of the National Front and widened it to include new national parties. This has been achieved by the march of development at the beginning of the third millennium, led by President Bashar Alassad, and again in 2011 by the issuing the Party Law and the Information Law, and our people approved a new civilized Constitution, matching the newest constitutions of the advanced nations. This proves that the political and social democratic experiments began to gain a spirit  of national competition in order to activate the national capabilities to develop the Syrian state politically, culturally, socially and economically. And the national conciliation today is a means and necessity for all the Syrian people currents, political, cultural, social and religious. Stopping the bloodshed is inevitable. The Syrians have no other way but to return to the homeland tent  and build the national spirit on the basis of a rush to the national conciliation that produces tolerance and forgiveness. Then time will calm the souls within the framework of citizenship principles and creating a comprehensive and sustainable development in which the youth will be a strong base, having in mind that the youth were, and still are, the target of the terrorist takfiri organizations and the enemy of the homeland.      

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