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Since the 1948 catastrophe, tens of United Nations and  Security Council´s resolutions had been issued, calling for a Palestinian state to contain the Palestinian people in the homeland and in the Diaspora. They focus on the right of return as an indispensable and inalienable right. All such resolutions were forgotten in the corridors of the international policy. So, why is this very late wake up of Europe, the owner of Balfour Declaration and Sykes Picot Agreement and its sisters, concerning the recognition of the promised Palestinian state? Do we believe that the American-Zionist relations are in an aggravated crisis?

And that France, which gave the Israeli nuclear incubator, and Britain which improved the black mandate in Palestine, were conscious-stricken and felt the Palestinian right which was slaughtered by the old daggers of these two colonialist countries? Or does the serpent change its robes and keep its fangs and poisons? Or it is a new attempt by the colonialist West and the United States to save Israel, against its will? Within the process of not embarrassing the Arabs who individually and collectively race toward the Talmudic loyalty house while the time has come to put the relations, which were under the table, under the sun and publicize them for making the New Middle East in its Zionist-petro Wahabi copy? The colonialism history tells us that liberation is impossible without paying the highest price by the land owners, so, what if this colonialism is a settlist, Talmudic and Zionist one?

So, for what kind of Palestinian state do they search in the lanes of the Security Council and the United Nations? It is a new deceptive attempt to rehabilitate Oslo Agreement which did not pass the tests of return, state  and Jerusalem and consolidated the settlement as a method and daily division of the Palestinian soil body and burying the refugees right of return.

I am certain that such state which the Europeans, the US and the petro- reactionaries want to manufacture will have no sovereignty over its land, its sky, its sea and its political decision. At best, it will be a tourist utility for entertaining the reactionary Arabs. At the same time, each and every Arab who is against the Zionist enemy by deed or word or struggle will be banned from entering it.

Such a state is the result of the Arab weakness and the fragmentation of the nation after the quake of the "Bloody Spring", but the stake on the continuation of the present abnormal situation of the Arab reality is the most dangerous kind of illusion and madness. The old people (stand) will not die, and the young ones will not forget permanently bleeding heart and  conscious and dignity wounds. Palestine and its Jerusalem cannot be divided in two. And let us remember the phrase that was said by the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad at the conclusion of the book (Al-Assad and the Conflict on the Middles East ) "the struggle goes on until libration…."

Syria, on behalf of the Arab Nation, is facing the most atrocious global war since four years. She knows well that she is being punished and brought to account because of her resisting stand that support the Arab rights and Palestinian cause. The honest people of the Arab Nation know this too. She is number one in the resistance axis, clinging, to the last drop of her youth blood, to the Palestinian compass, whatever the price and sacrifices maybe.  Syria, with her great people and legendary army and wise brave leadership, will continue her giant march in the field to clean the homeland from all kinds of terrorist, wahhabis and Takfiris. She will continue her vigilant support to the steps of the national conciliation which has achieved satisfactory successes in restoring several deceived and misguided elements to the homeland lap and begin meeting the rebuilding responsibility and the renewal of Syria, the example of freedom, democracy, political and plurality and multiparty system and positive stability on the road of the Arab Nation unity, its progressive society and the restoration of its Immortal Message.                

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