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These days, there are much talks about the need to activate the Arab National Project  after the terrorist political Islamist project came as a repugnant guest in the Arab homeland and drowned the Arab arena with blood and destruction. And since the Islamist religion currents have not one opinion or one conviction and if we have been used to abbreviate the Arab national dynamism to be some Arab countries and some symbols, then it  would be necessary to use the same method while evaluating the other Islamist  and non-Islamist currents in order to know the reality of the stands toward the whole issues that are broached  at  both local and national levels, in such a way which does not permit us to look at anything else, but its reality, particularly at a period full of dialogues among nationalists and other tendencies on the need to renew the Arab National Thought, as if such thought is absent, while in fact, its present, as all signs, at the level of the Arab reality, show. But it has been taken away, in a complicated Arab situation, and suffering from several challenges. The Arab National Resistance project shall remain at a state of open war with its enemies in and out of the Arab homeland. Its missions shall remain limited to encircling the capitulative defeatist address which is promoted by some narrow regional broaches. Such missions shall also remain in need to an intellect reference whose aim is the activation of the intellectual powers  to serve the resistance interest. This cannot be realized without shifting to the institutional work, together with finding research centers that are capable of specifying the priorities that are broached at different present situations. This requires the determining of the cited western notions, such as "freedom, Democracy, Sustainable Development, and wise governing". In addition to specifying terminology, such as " State and Regional State" which some people think them to be not disputable. For such specification, emerges the responsibility of the Arab national intellectual to review such terminology, so they become close to the Arab people temperament while facing actual and future challenges.

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