• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

The ENPUAP is a mass organization that contains all nationalist, progressive and unionist currents and forces. This party considers itself as the true expression of the 23 July 1952 objectives.

The ENPUAP arose, in 1976, from the left wing of the Arab Socialist Union. Which President Anwar Sadat dissolved. It was founded by Khalid Muhiddin but was not legally recognized until 1977, when the forming of political parties was allowed in Egypt. The ENPUAP included a group of Naserists, Marxists and Arab Nationalists.

The BASP and the ENPUAP Relations:

The two parties have old relations of friendship and cooperation. An Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation organizes their relations. It was signed by Comrade Abdullah Alahmar, the Assistant Secretary General of the BASP and Mr. Rafat Alsaid, the ENPUAP former Secretary General, on 24 March 2001, during a visit Mr. Alsaid made to Syria.

They both emphasized the developing and consolidating of their parties relations for serving the interests of the two brotherly people of Syria and Egypt, as well as the causes of the joint Arab struggle. Within the framework of developing and consolidating their two parties relations and cooperation, Mr. Khalid MohiEddin, the former leader of the ENPUAP visited Syria on 3 March2004, and met with the BASP  Assistant Secretary General. They discussed their two parties relations, regional situations and developments as well as the role of the popular parties and organizations, on the Arab arena, in mobilizing and consolidating the Arab Nation capabilities for facing the challenges and defending its rights and dignity and realizing the Arab national renaissance project. Mr. Mohi Eddin expressed his appreciation of Syria national stands under the leadership of the Comrade Regional Secretary of the BASP, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad.    

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