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Syria is Going on her Road of Struggle
The Syrian People are Capable of Steadfastness and Building
They Confidently Look Forwardthe Future
We Appreciate Russian Positive Stands Supporting Syria
In Confronting the Aggression She is Exposed to

The Russian Newspaper "Pravda" had the following press dialogue with Comrade Abdullah Alahmar, the Assistant Secretary General of the BASP, published under the headline "Syria Remains Steadfast", issue No.23(30229), dated 6.03.2015:
•    : It pleases us to meet with you on the pages of our Newspaper, after five years have passed since the last press interview you gave us…..
The hero Syrian people are waging, throughout four years, a fierce war on terrorism….What is the present situation today of the Syrian people on the militant battle field in which they are defending their homeland, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity?
Comrade Alahmar: The present situation indicates that the Syrian Arab people are defying all forms of hegemony and aggression, by all means they have, ideology, practice, strong belief in victory and unmatched steadfastness. Our Syrian Arab people are defying all forms of fear and terrorism, they are working to abort the aggression and its tools in this dirty war they are exposed to.
The present situation indicate that the Syrian people compass has remained pointing toward Palestine after the masks have fallen down off the faces of those who pretended to be propagandists of freedom and revolution, whilein fact, they are nothing but terrorists, extremists, decapitators and mercenaries.
The present situation indicates that the Syrian Arab people will have not broken. They, with all capability, defied the conspiracy throughout four years of the crisis age.
The present situation indicates that the Syrian Arab people are not only defending themselves, but they are defendingmany other peoples who are exposed or will be exposed to terrorism, because our people are a great people of great history and civilization and capableof steadfastness and building, confidently looking toward the future.
•    : What is the reality of the situation in the occupied areas? And what is the nature of those terrorists?
Comrade Alahmar: No doubt, the occurrence is an external aggression, made  by local tools. But the Syrian Arab Army is still in control of the governorates  and cities centers…. And those, who you call occupiers in your question, are mercenaries come from western countries, from the Gulf, from neighboring countries and from other countries and cooperated with tools from within, linked to foreign countries. They are selling the ideas that they are in control  of geographic areas that separate between sects and ethnologies to prove a malicious notion, represented by the existence of a civil war in Syria, in order to suggest that terrorists are parties of an internal difference amongst the Syrians themselves and not a tool linked to outside countries.
And as you know, a civil war separates the people components, leading to a complete collapse of the state institutions and society. This has not happened in Syria. The Army was and still is united, combating terrorism, restoring security and stability to the whole homeland, rebuilding what has been destroyed by the aggression, so that Syria will be stronger than it was.
They, through terrorist operations, controlled oil and gas fields in order to deprive Syria from her one of the most important economical resources and to destroy the infrastructures the state built throughout decades of time, as well as depriving her from another resource, tourism, and creating difficult economical situations that the Syrian citizen is living all over his land extension and the geographic area of his homeland.
And you know, any army in the world cannot be present in each and every place through the extent of its country area. Therefore, you find terrorists and mercenaries coming from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other places, and the Syrian Arab Army cannot be present in each place along the extent of the Syrian territories. They come through the borders with neighboring countries and control those borders where there are no Syrian army presence, in order to obtain logistic support. But this does not mean that such places have become under their control as occupied, because when the army decides to enter an area where such terrorist are present, it enters it and restores it.
The ongoing war along the Syrian land extent between the Syrian Arab Army, backed by the Syrian Arab people, and groups which infiltrate during the night darkness into a town or village, while the people are resting, and control it and expel the citizens from it… This makes such war a long and complicated one.
Syria declared her support to any sincere international effort that wants to combat and fight terrorism, provided that such effort be within the framework of protecting the innocent citizens life, respecting the national sovereignty and in accordance with the international conventions, particularlyResolution 2170.. and the last Resolution 2178, pertaining to drying terrorism sources, stop supporting and financing it and ban foreign terrorist fighters flow into Syria and Iraq. Then, you will find that these territories are turning back to the homeland bosoms, terrorism defeated by united effortsand cooperation, the citizens return to these lands and be filled with life.
•    : Last weeks, there were several moves and efforts for stopping the fight and settle the situation in one of the major cities, Aleppo. And there already was a settlement in Homs, paving the way for achieving a full peace and reconciliation, and there was an agreement for a cease fire in Alwaar  area, which is a strong hold of the armed opposition in Homs, together with serious and tangible steps for reconciliation in Damascus countryside, especially in the Eastern Ghouta. In the 29th of January, the Syrian–Syrian consultative forum deliberations were concluded in Moscow, between representatives of the Syrian government and those of the opposition. In the end of the meetings, both parties expressed their wish to intercommunicate and continue the dialogue in Moscow, and it has also become known that Syria, on the 13th  of last February, submitted an application for participating, as an observer member, in Shanghai Cooperation Organization. So, what is your comment on the above mentioned?
Comrade Alahmar: First, Syria was one of the first  countries who called for convening an international conference that defines the meanings of terrorism and to combat it with all means and methods.  Syria warns of the consequences of terrorism moving to neighboring countries and the rest of the world, specially that most of the terrorists came from Asian , European and African countries, supported openly by European, regional and Arab Gulf countries….
I assure you that the Syrian government responded to all Arab and international initiatives for solving the Syrian crisis and cooperated with them constructively and transparently. She, since the beginning of the crisis did all that is needed to protect the citizens and the homeland and she was open to dialogue with all and carried out her constitutional responsibilities, issued and amended several legislations and laws, such as the Law of Parties which designed the political life and allowed the formation of parties in such a way that guarantees the political multiparty system.
Second: As far as the fight halt in Aleppo is concerned, you know that Syria achieved the solution and succeeded in Homs and other villages and before De Mistora coming to Syria as an envoy. Such achievements overturned the table on the conspirators, and they "achievements" will lay the foundation for the acceptance of a political solution, based on the national reconciliations, as happened in Homs….
His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad asserted, in his constitutional presidential oath address in July 2014, that the steadfast Aleppo and its hero citizens… We will not rest until it becomes secure and peaceful again: He also asserted that we will not forget dear Alraqa and we will rescue it from the hands of the terrorists, by God willing….
And look, here is the Syrian Arab Army, tightening its control over several areas in Aleppo northern countryside ….
In general, Syria, who welcomed De Mistora efforts and plan for freezing the fight in Aleppo, is waiting for his detailed plan and timetable to discuss and actually implement them when the armed parties and forces that support them commit themselves to them. Syria backs any effort for solving the crisis through a serious dialogue with the national opposition forces who believe that the crisis solving comes through the gate of the homeland and its Syrian compass, and not to depend on abroad, but go on imposing security and stability and state authority all over Syria, and solving the crisis will only be pure Syrian, without conditions, dictations and external interventions….. In order to make a fruitful dialogue, it is necessary to make it with the national opposition which serves the interests of the Syrian people. It should not be attached to external agendas. It should not be marionettes in the hands of countries, such as the USA, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others …
Third: As far as Syrian´s participation in Moscow meeting is concerned, it came according to the content of the invitation by Russia, for exchanging ideas and views about what might be a base for any Syrian-Syrian dialogue to be held in Damascus…. It focuses on the national inalienable principles that are represented by the respect of nationalsovereignty and the territorial integrity of the SAR, respect the Syrian people will, the rule of law, protecting the state institutions and seek to develop them and considering the Army and armed forces a symbol of the national unity and its independent national decision and the struggle for the full liberation of the Golan.
Fourth: Syria's application to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization, no doubt,the change which is ongoing on the contemporary international level and the wish of peace and sustainable development and the enhancement of balanced cooperation have become the character of this age. Therefore, heading toward a multi-polarity world has become a necessity, and there are growing indications of the regional organizations capabilities of solving international crises and problems.
•    : The 2015 is a special year for our multinational Russian people. It is a year in which we celebrate the 70 Jubilee of the triumphant  victory over Hitler Fascism in the great national war.. and we have no doubt that the Syrian people will also achieve their victory…
On this occasion, what are your wishes for the Pravda Newspaper readers?
Comrade Alahmar: The struggle and sacrifices of the Russian and Soviet people, the Red Army and the victory over Nazism in the Second World War are still admired and appreciated by all the  peoples of the world. It is known that the Soviet Union was the one who bore the biggest burden in defeating the Nazi forces, giving dear sacrifices for achieving the victory….
 We, in this occasion remember the heroisms and achievements made by the Russian and Soviet people  that became a source of inspiration for many peoples all over the world, inspiration of scarifying and defending the homeland… We remember with all esteem and respect the bravery and heroism of the martyrs souls who scarified themselves for the sake of mankind  and victory over Hitler Nazism and Fascism….
Greeting to Russia, leadership, people and political and social forces…
Greeting to the veterans of the great National War…
 Greeting to any effort that Russia makes, together with the liberal forces in the world for the non-repetition of what had happened before 70 years of the people life….. for building a world without injustice, without killing and aggression…. A world of peace, security and stability… And as the Russian triumphed over Nazism in the Great National War, I don’t have the least doubt in the inevitability of the triumph of the Syrian Arab people, their leadership and army  over the  new Nazism, represented by terrorism….
The Russians and Soviet struggle against Nazism was a heroic, defensive legitimate act, and our struggle today in Syria is a heroic legitimate struggle for protecting our homeland from this evil which is sweeping the world, as Nazism was doing one day…..
And on this occasion, I congratulate the Federal Republic of Russia, people, leadership and army, and I wish more progress and prosperity for the friendly Russian people and their wise leadership…. And allow me to express the appreciation of the BASP National Leadership for the Republic of Federal Russia positive role which respected the Syrian people decision and will and really defended the UN’s Conventions, the respect to the country's sovereignty and the non-intervention in their internal affairs, and, together with  other countries like China and Iran, took positive stands, supporting Syria in her confronting the aggression she is exposed to, and enhancing her steadfastness against it. We also appreciate the honorable stand the fraternal and of the friendly parties that support Syria and her heroic stands.
As for my wishes for the Pravda readers, I say:
All thanks to those who are in charge of the  Pravda  which gives  sincerely and transparently the news, and no wonder in this, because  it is the paper of an ideological party that had and still has clear influence on the course of events in Russia and the whole world….
Best congratulations to all its staff, and I wish them more development and brilliance, and I thank professor Fladimir Yasen, and my warm cordial wishes of success and advancement to all this paper readers.
Pravda: God bless you, with our greeting and respect.  



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