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On the Occasion of the Baath Foundation Anniversary:

Syria and the Baath Shall Always Adhere to the National and
 Pan-Arab National Inalienable Principles
On the occasion of the 68th  Anniversary of the Party Foundation, the NL of the BASP made a celebration, attended by Comrade Abdullah Alahmar, the Assistant Secretary General, the Comrades Members of the NL and a number of the two Regional  Organizations of Palestine and Iraq, as well as the Bureaus Directors and Secretaries and full timers Comrades, on 7.04.2015, in the 7th of April Hall, the party NL building.
The celebration included a speech by the Party Assistant General  Secretary and the launching of the party NL electronic site in its new design.
The celebration began by the Baath Anthem, then Comrade Alahmar opened the new electronic site and delivered a speech about the circumstance of the Baath emergence and its march of struggle against colonialism, slavery, injustice, exploitation and for building  the Pan- Arab national project which restores to the Arab nation its radiance.
Comrade Alahmar: the Baath was a head of the parties that took arms to defend Palestine, "the Baath, since its emergence, defended the causes of the homeland and the nation. It stood side by side with the Arab masses for achieving their independence and owning their free decision and option… the Baath was ahead of the parties and movement that took arms to defend Palestine, and in 1948, it sent its militants led by a number of the party founders and leaders to aid their Palestinian brothers ".
He added:" when the 1952 Revolution erupted and its nationalist stands become clear, the Baath met with it for advancing the Arab struggle a step forward in order to build the Arab unity which  was achieved between Syria and Egypt in 1958. But this unity did not last, because of internal and external conspiring. So, the separation crime took place. It was one of the biggest crimes that befell on the nation. The Baath found itself facing a new stage which envelope great risks for the Arab nation.
Therefore, it was necessary to move. The 8th of February Revolution took place in Iraq, and the 8th of March Revolution took place in Syria in 1963 as a national response to the separation and as response to the Arab masses that rejected the separation rule. The Baath, after coming to power could make deep transformations and great achievements. The conspiring forces rushed madly to abort such transformations and achievements and to direct the revolution trajectory. Then came the Corrective Movement, led by the  Immortal Leader Hafez al- Assad in 1970 to represent the beginning of a stage for founding a new state, guiding by the Baath objectives. Syria became an effective player, after she was an ineffective country that others players play on its land.
Comrade Alahmar: the Arab real situation lives now a new tragedy: the Corrective Movement could provide the conditions that were suitable for waging the October Liberation War in 1973 as a step toward liberating the occupied Arab land. But the west could get the Sadat- Egypt out of the Arab bosom and later on it tried to his the Palestinian Resistance through illusive agreement in order to enable the Zionist entity increases its settlements and displace the Arab Palestinian people…. Now, the real Arab situation lives a new tragedy in Palestine and  in the rest of the Arab countries. The Palestinian cause, for many Arabs, is not more the Arab first cause.
Comrade Alahmar: the Baath since its emergence, was vigorous and up to- date.
Comrade Alahmar emphasized that the Baath, since its emergence, was  vigorous and up to- date. Its objectives: Unity, Freedom and Socialism are inalienable. Everything else needs, from one stage to another stage of the Arab struggle, to change.
He said that the year 2000 represented a new stage in which the struggle took a modernizing dimension under the leadership of President Bashar al- Assad, the Regional Secretary of the party. Throughout this stage many development and modernization steps were achieved and were reflected on different levels. This placed Syria in the target circle, specially because of her firm and principled stands visa- vise  the Palestinian cause and the support to the resistance.
Comrade Alahmar said: the so- called "Arab spring" was nothing but chaos, the west and Zionist wanted through it to exterminate the Arab countries and their armies and to end the movement of struggle and resistance against the new colonialism forces and marginalize the Palestinian cause which was and still is the party central cause. He asserted that all the attempts to obliterate it will not succeed.
He added that the terrorist organizations that ravage devastate and destroy in the Arab countries, particularly in Syria, grew up by unprecedented external support given by the regional and Arab countries, led by the US and the Zionist entity, in coordination with the European countries which placed themselves, their security and citizens as hostage of the American dictations and agendas. He emphasized that the people, army and leadership in Syria are steadfast in their confrontation with terrorism and eliminating its sources and roots wherever they might be.
Comrade Alahmar:  Adhering to the Bath values, principles and objectives:
Comrade Alahmar concluded his speech by asserting that all the West attempts for subjecting Syria, have failed due to the people steadfastness, the Army victories and the continued support by Syria's allies: Federal Russia, China, Iran and other forces and world liberals. This made several European countries try to communicate Syria and send delegations and open the door of dialogue with her.
Comrade Alahmar called upon the Baathists comrades to abide by the party values and principles, so that the party will remain, as it was since its foundation, expressing the aspirations and ambitions of the Arab masses, and its ideology and doctrine  remain the practical solution, the right response and the brave clear answer to the challenges of the nation on all the levels.  


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