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Comrade Fuad Dabour, the General Secretary of the Progressive Arab Baath Party in Jordan, asserted that Syria defends the future of the Arab Nation and works for its unity, for restoring its glories and civilization, and she is capable of adhering to its invariable principles and riches.

He said, during the special dialogue, made with him by the party web site, “ The might of this nation comes from the victory which Syria will achieve. Syria is defending the whole nation, sacrificing blood and economy. But these sacrifices will not be in vain. They will remain sacrifices for this Nation”.

He added: the comrades in the Army and in the Party were graduated from the schools of the Corrective Movement which built true democracy. This building has been developed under the Leadership of Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, President of the Republic, Bashar al-Assad, where there is new constitution, new law of elections, new law of parties and multi-party system.

Syria is fighting with one hand and building with the other . She is building what had been destroyed by the terrorist criminals.

Comrade Dabour explained the necessity of the Arab National Ideology for the masses of the nation, specially that such ideology is targeted by hostile forces, first of them the Wahabi Takfiri groups, where talks are growing these days about the defeat of such ideology by the nation enemies, domestically and abroad, particularly the Zionist enemy and imperialism who are designing plans, dividing the Arab countries on sectarian, racist, and ethnic bases against Arab nationalism and national ideology. Because this ideology brings the nation together and not divides it. It is one of the reasons for the Arab Syria because of her being the main bearer of this uniting ideology, and our nation is now in more need to adhere to the Arab national ideology.
Comrade Dabour emphasized the question of protecting  the Arab national ideology and promoting it to become capable of expansion in order to contain the nation ideological and political currents which want to defend the nation, restore its rights and defend its sovereignty, independence and wealth through crystallizing the renaissance civilized project within a framework that brings together all the active forces that struggle for protecting the Arab nation interests.
He said that the integration between the Arab nation ideology and Islam is the guarantee for developing this ideology which relies on the process of deepening the Arab consciousness on the bases of the Arab national identity and understanding the dimensions and objectives of the struggle which is gathering the Arabs for protecting the nation, achieving its national interests, maintaining its existence, restoring its historical role and taking its stature in designing the world civilization, unlike those forces who pretend to be bearers and defenders of Islam, while , at the same time, they distort Islam and its tolerant principles by using killing and criminality as a bloody road to power, and walking such road serves only the enemies of the Arab Nation.


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