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Comrade Farhan Abulhaija, the Regional Secretary of the BASP Palestinian Organization, asserted that the House of Saud regime, as well as most of the Gulf countries regimes, did not support the Palestinian National Resistance. But they worked for giving concessions and liquidating the Palestinian cause in order to serve their own personal interests, and most of these regimes will bear the responsibility for their reckless policy in the region.

In an interview with the Party site, Comrade Abulhaija said that the terrorist Wahabi House of Saud is the other face of Zionism, and that such regimes were made by foreign colonialism in order to serve its own interest in the region and to conspire against Arab Nationalism, the Arab struggle and the Palestinian cause throughout its long march.

Comrade Abulhaija focused on challenges that face the region advancement, security and stability. The major one of such challenges is the cosmic war on Syria, specially the Takfiri onslaught, led by the US and Zionism, in coordination with regional regimes, such as the House of Saud regime, Ardogan government and Gulf countries regimes.

Comrade Abulhaija talked about the heroic steadfastness of the Syrian Arab people, their brave Army and wise leadership of the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad, contributed to Syria's steadfastness while resisting the Cosmic War, in its fifth year now. He asserted that the Baath ideology shall remain the beacon for all the Arab liberals for facing the Zionist-American project, the Wahabi takfiri ideology, in order to achieve the Arab national renaissance project.

Comrade Abulhaija called upon the Palestinian people sons to adhere to their unity in facing the Zionist occupation and aggression and work for liberating the occupied land and restoring all the rights.

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