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Comrade Regional Secretary of the Baath in Sudan, Altigani Mostafa Yasin, in an interview with the party website (during a visit he made to Damascus on the occasion of the 44th Anniversary of the glorious Corrective Movement ) asserted that the Corrective Movement early warned of enemies conspiring and role in kindling the seditions  among the Arabs, and the cosmic conspiracy that hit the region during the past few years is a normal result of a huge volume of conspiracy against the Arab Nation in order to preclude the achieving of the Arab nation objectives ( unity, freedom and advancement).
He, in his view about the party, said that such wars are going on as a result of the colonialist role. The Baath rejected these wars and their causes. Their continuation will produce more division and fragmentation. If the patriotic political forces did not succeed in confronting them and preclude the achievement of their plans, growth will be delayed, the problem will be aggravated and Sudan will suffer more.
Comrade Altigani clarified that the Baath party sought to set forth the dialogue question and put steps before the government to enable it to lead a true national dialogue that will get Sudan out of the impasse and face the foreign plans which jeopardize the unity of Sudan. He emphasized the need to stop the war and all the parties participate in the dialogue without external interventions. Supporting the Sudanese people and putting an end to their problems should be among the dialogue priorities.

 The Sudanese regional leadership and the progressive parties in Sudan struggled for solidifying Sudan unity and the freedom and advancement of its people. They effectively participated in defending the causes of the Arab nation, showing that today situation in Sudan suffers real crises, and the Sudanese people are keen on the dialogue success in order to treat the problems and stop the conflicts between the government and the opposition forces.    

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