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  Comrade Altijani Mostafa, the Regional Secretary of the BASP in Sudan, broached the party view concerning the national dialogue success, emphasizing the need to implement the already agreed on items concerning the armed conflicts in Sudan and to stop the now ongoing wars and struggles in order to abort the plans that want to divide Sudan more. This requires bypassing the problems, maintaining the national unity and dialogue and intercommunicating with the masses.

He said: The external intervention may produce more separation, pointing at the size of external interventions in Syria, Libya and Yemen and the results of such interventions which serve the interests of those who want to tear the Arab region to pieces.

Cmd. Altijani stressed the need of consensus on the national program which obtains the acceptance of the majority of the Sudanese people in order to help the country out of the present situation.

The BASP in Yemen

Neither Dialogue nor Negotiation Under the

Aggression and Blockade

The BASP in Yemen issued, on 12.06.2015, a statement concerning Geneva Conference. The statement called upon the Yamani National Front to complete its formation and components. It also called upon the remaining political forces to join it as soon as possible, not only to face the aggression but to bear their national responsibilities in forming the state different authorities.

The statement told the Arab people masses in Yemen:" The Yemen BASP realizes the dangers of Geneva consultations because they

damage the national interest and put Yemen under the careless Saudi boasting", calling up the Yemeni national forces to totally reject the method and tendencies on which these consultations were built and to return to the internal dialogue table to complete its remaining items. It appealed to the Arab people and their political forces and

trade unions to support the Yemeni people against the Saudi aggression.    


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