• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Since the Baath was a national Arab revival movement which depends on the people in rendering its message, seeking to closely communicate with the people and works for elevating their level mentally, ethically, economically and hygienically so that they can feel their personality and practice their individual and national rights according to Article 5 of the Baath Constitution.

And since Article 1 of the Baath Constitution emphasized the importance of the Arab nation economical and cultural unity, therefore, the Baath ideology addresses the nation, not a class, because the nation is a civilized social echelon which is capable of melting all the people in one melting pot. This makes us say that there is a correlation between the state notion and that of the homeland…. where the state cannot  come into being and perform its work among the states society unless it is a sovereign state, and to be recognized as a state, it should practice its sovereignty on the land and can be capable of continuing its sovereignty practice. That is to say, there must be a people to take care of such a state and authority, since the importance of the state depends on its emergence from the masses will, which grants the right to choose it, and they have absolute freedom in this choice. The party does the change in the society through the will of the conscious masses, and for the masses interest, wanting to elevate their mental, economical and ethical level and practicing individual and national rights.

The Baath is a Pivotal Mass Force:

Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad, emphasized, in the 10th Regional Congress, that the Baath is a pivotal mass force in Syria's life and developing. It is, in addition to being a party necessity, a great national need to which the development of the political work different aspects are attached. And in order to produce its fruits, it needs everybody cooperation, institutions and individuals. Everyone takes his position and does his part in the development process  on the basis of  national cohesion,


since the development of the society and its affairs reform are the right and duty of each and every citizen.

In an interview he gave to the Baath Paper on 11.07.2013, the Comrade  Regional Secretary emphasized the need to activate the role of the organizations and trade unions and to consolidate the Party leaderships relations with their grassroots when he said: " The true channels of any party are the organizations, trade unions and civil society in general, in addition to the party leaderships relation with the party grassroots or the masses which rally around this party, even if they are not members of the party  ".

In a meeting with the BASP cadres in Tartus on 20.11.2014, the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party gave some views for elevating the Party performance and emphasized the Party dedication of an effective role in order to form a broad mass which joins the party popular base and the return of the party to its masses in its optimal  image.

 Therefore, the Baath ideology has strong pivots for returning to the society. If the Baathists wanted to return to the society, they must  first return to the Baath, the society's Baath. This requires the presence of the institutions that measure the public opinion to know the society problems and study them, methodically, sociologically, economically and culturally. Thus the party becomes close to the society and has plans and programs that are capable of solving its difficult and complicated problems. This forms the basis for consolidating the presence of our party more strongly and more effectively in the masses minds.





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