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Hassan Hamid


Here I am, looking into the Arab mirror to see, through the national definitions, their situation while they face the dangers that are threatening them. I take a long time before the situation of the Arab cultural security to see the obsessions, ideas and steps of the Arab people of culture, arts and expression while they seek cultural ekistics, life of noble values purposes, the values of right, elevation, building and beauty. Unfortunately, I see three cases or situations: the first is walking in worlds of subordination, along paths made by our enemies. They ( the Arab people of culture…. etc) parrot our enemies, write their dreams and implement their strategies which only want to destroy this nation, crumble its unity, devastate its values, rolling up its history, distort its presence and trivialize its future. The second is the case of the national culture. Its people are tied to the worlds of originality, history, heritage and absolute faith, believing that this nation is a nation of pride, glory and civilization. Its today's situation is nothing but a stumble, caused by the others aggressiveness, the enemies and their shameful ambitions and grudges, and  the nation renaissance and return to its civilized path are no doubt coming again. And a third cultural situation which is living in  ashen worlds. Its work is cold, pale and lean. It frustrates  rather than activates or encourages.

Therefore, the Arab cultural security, its quintessence, its inventors and thinkers are threatened by suspect Arab media campaigns, on one hand, and by financial attractions which want to create a culture of consumption and surrender, on the other hand.

Facing both these attractions and media together cannot be done unless the culture of resistance is solidified and its media is supported, as well as opening the publication doors before its data, holding conferences and meetings for its people and helping the noble hands and honest pens by supporting, publishing and translating their works. So that the resistance culture becomes the quintessence of the Arab cultural security, and the resistance cultural people become the most loved and famous ones, due to our belief that the culture of consumption and surrender is a culture of foam which quickly demises.         

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