• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

The BASP in Lebanon issued, on 26.06.2015, a statement calling for the unification of the ranks in facing terrorism, chaos and devastation. The statement lauded the development of the Resistance and Steadfast line in facing the suspected projects that want to weaken the Arab Nation, suppress the national consciousness and extinguish the flame of Arabism and true Islam.

The statement added: There are numerous projects that had been designed in the Wahabi schools, with Israeli-American sponsorship, in order to deviate Syria from her national and pan-Arab national stands, crumble the region and enable Israel to continue its existence. The statement asserted that the liberation of Palestine will only be achieved through the resistant project.


Yemen Baath Party Condemns Terrorist Explosions in

 Kuwait and Yemen

The BASP Regional Leadership in Yemen issued, on 27.06.2015, a statement condemning the crime that was committed by the Wahabi criminal takfiri groups in Alemam Esadeq Mosque in Kuwait. It asserted that such explosions are occurring within the framework of the terrorist crimes that are being perpetrated by the Israel, Saudi Arabia and their stooge terrorist groups which target the land and the steadfast Arab man who, due to his consciousness and steadfastness, could abort the enemies objectives that want to spread seditions and destabilize security and stability.

The statement called upon the Arab and international governments and organizations -first of all the UN-  to do their duties in combating this ominous phenomenon and its financial and ideological sources and deracinate it in order to protect the land and man and cultural heritage.

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