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    National Party Organlzations 

A delegation from the Jordanian Progressive Arab Baath Party Central Leadership, led by its General Secretary Fuad Dabbor met, on 05.07.2015, the Charge d. Affairs of the Syrian Embassy the advisor minister Mohammad Abu Sereyah to farewell him. The present situations in the region were reviewed during the meeting.

The delegation and the Charge Affairs expressed their satisfaction over the occurrences on the ground, as well as their confidence in achieving a great victory whatever high the sacrifices are. They lauded the heroisms  of the Syrian Arab Army and the people support to their leader, leadership and brave army.

The progressive Baath Arab Party presented, at the end of the meeting, a shield  to the charge d'affaires, expressing their appreciation of a man who faithfully served his homeland, Syria and his nation.


National and Leftist Jordanian Parties Coalition Demands that the USA- Led Alliance Stops the Aggression

The National and Leftist Jordanian Parties Coalition issued today, 7.07.2015, a statement  requesting the Jordanian regime to withdrew from the USA- Led alliance and to close the operation room ( mock) which is being ram by the American military intelligence, directing the terrorist organizations operation in the south of Syria under the subterfuge of fighting  the terrorist ISIS organization. The statement asserted that the participation in such alliance does not serve Jordan interests.

The statement drew the attention to the USA and Israel led conspiracies against Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, and the Israeli danger which is threatening the Arab Nation and its people and land unity.

The statement warned of the dangers, represented by Ordogan  regime in Turkey, on Syria, in coordination and cooperation  with Israel and the terrorist groups that target Syria's people, soil and institutions. It expressed its great concern over the Turkish plans and demanded all the Arabs to protect Syria, stand together with her and defend her by banning the Turkish intervention attempts against her.

The statement emphasized its support to the struggle of the Arab Palestinian people and their resistance against the Israeli occupation.

It asserted the need to restore the Palestinian national unity and the option of resisting the enemies by all forms of resistance to achieve the objectives of the Palestinian people: restoring the lands and rights, establishing their own independent state and the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes.


The  Syrian Community and the Venezuelan Communist

Party mode a Festival OF Solidarity with Syria Steadfastness

On  10.07.2015, the Arab- Venezuelan club, in cooperation with the Venezuelan communist party, made a festival of solidarity with Syria who is facing a war that is waged by terrorist groups, spreading killing and devastation and targeting the homeland historical and cultural components.

In his speech during the festival, the head of the club Zeid Khudr, talked about the people steadfastness and rolling around the Syrian Arab Army against the criminal terrorism which is backed and financed by Arab and western countries that seek to destroy the region and exploit its riches and resources. He asserted the continuation of the struggle and defending the homeland soil and cleanse it from the dirt of the terrorist and covetous elements.

Mr. Khudr  drew the attention to Syria's political and historical importance, stressing that she was and still is the hub of stability. This regimes all efforts to be made to protect Syria's security and stability.

Dr. Ghassan Abbas, the Syrian Ambassador in Venezuela, and a number of the Syrian community attended the festival which also included informational meetings and lectures dealing with the present situation in the region.



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