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    National Party Organlzations 

The Arab expatriates role was not limited to supporting their countries and express their solidarity with them but it also included their influence on the arenas of the countries where they live, they clarify the true occurrences as they are going on. The homeland ground, not as conveyed by the hostile western media, such as Aljazera and A.lArabia sat channels whose first aim is to twist the facts, misguide the public opinion, defaming and falsification, not respecting the simplest ethics rules which should be abided by. Our expatriates brothers efforts at this level, is appreciated and respected. The same opposites for their relations with the leaderships of the countries where they live, as well as their influencing positions which they occupy in their new homes. We recognize this in the different stands, taken by this or that country toward the occurrences that are taking place on our homeland ground, and also the stands of the international organizations, the civil societies committees.

To be objective while dealing with the Arab expatriates defending their homeland causes, there are some persons who stand on the other bank because they are affected by the misguiding media, as we have already said, or because of being entangled, consciously or unconsciously, with what other elements did entangle against their homeland and followed that caravan, but we have great confidence in the Arab expatriates. They are not and will never be with any side other than that of their homeland and their Syrian Arab Army, fighting the armed terrorist groups. The coming days shall prove to everybody that victory will be to the right, to the homeland and its defenders, and defeat, shame and dishonor to all those who accepted to be hirelings Against their homeland and people.


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