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Our Priority: Exterminating Terrorism Wherever it Exists on the Syrian Soil

Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency Bashar al-Assad while meeting with  heads and members of Popular Organizations, Chambers of Trade, Industry, Agriculture, and Tourism, on Sunday 26/7/2015, expressed the nation and the Arab people conscience. He clearly specified the Arabism Syria’s stand when he emphasized that any political presentation whose quintessence doesn’t rely on exterminating terrorism will be a meaningless presentation that has no chance to see the light. Therefore, Syria’s top priority shall remain the exterminating of terrorism wherever it exists on the Syrian land. Where there is terrorism, there is no politics, no economy, no culture, no security and no ethics. His Excellency made it crystal clear when he said: Syria’s future  will determine and design the future of the region.

Comrade al-Assad criticized the West double criteria when dealing with terrorism: When it hit them they consider it terrorism, but when it hit us they consider it a revolution, freedom, democracy, and human rights. They pretend that they are fighting a monster, which they created, and lost control over it. And their purpose today is only to control it, not to exterminate it. His Excellency queried: How a colonialist (with history pages that have nothing but occupation, killing, destruction, using terrorism as a card to burn and enslave the peoples, creating and supporting the terrorist organizations that are hidden behind religion, such as the hypocrite   brotherhood (Moslem Brotherhood) and the (Qaeda and its sisters) can fight terrorism that recognizes no borders? It is a sick mind, perverted ideology and queer practice that emerged and grew up in environments of ignorance, backwardness and looting the peoples’ rights. So, he who sows terrorism seeds, would not combat it. Because combating terrorism is done by wise realistic policies, based on justice and respect of the peoples’ rights to self-determination, administration and rights’ restoration, based on knowledge dissemination, ignorance combating, economy improvement and society orientation and development.

Comrade President Assad expressed certitude and confidence in victory. Defeat and defeatism don’t exist in the lexicons of the Syrian Arab Army. We will never be slaves, but masters and independents in our countries, protecting our rights and destinies.

The Leader al-Assad expressed his hope of good by some real true friends of the Syrian people, such as Iran and the PRIX Countries who have principles and ethics and want stability to avail in Syria, in the region and in the world and those who respect the international law, appreciate the will of the peoples and see in the world peer-to-peer relations, no slaves and no masters. He expressed Syria’s gratitude to the support and bravery of the Lebanese Resistance which fought side by side with Syria and gave the best it could and had an important role and an effective and qualitative performance with the Syrian Arab Army in realizing achievements in several places.


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