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Dr. Salim Barakat

Legitimizing the Cultural Space

Cultural globalization is shown by possessing a value system that has specified controls, imposed by the powers of hegemony, domination and control, for setting right the behavior  and controlling the destiny. This finally means the easy movement and speed of the cultural products. It also means monitoring the aftereffects which vary between rejecting and accepting the control over an open cosmic culture that embodies the existence of one cosmic village.

The world today lives an extraordinary historic moment that is characterized by the informatics control over individual and social intercommunication. A control which produced liberation from the domination of time, place and geography. A domination which contributed to the creation of an identity problem which confused the certitudes and proved its capability of detonating ethnic and racist conflicts, in addition to increasing the inclination toward seclusion and introversion. Finally, it is the act of economical and social modernization, coming from behind the borders.

Culture as Commodity

Globalized culture deepseated the culture of consumption and enabled world hegemony mechanisms to control multiplied  the cases of the contemporary man alienation, marginalized his fateful causes and sawed the seeds of weakness and suspicion in himself in order to make the denial to the religious, patriotic, national and ideological convictions. Something normal, devoid of all the weaponry and also paralyzed the criticism and rejection determination to usher frustration, despair and nonsense, and the thing that was considered to be a culture becomes a wide field for many kinds of speculations, exchange and marketing. All these were at the expense of ethics, justice, evenhandedness, equality and independence. The reason is that in the globalized cultural conception, views are neglected, marginalized, despised and blockaded. The inclination is toward marketing.

Culture globalization deals with culture as a commodity, and the influential players dominate the cultural industries sector. It is being made a commodity in a bad way.

They want to generalize the American life style on the present day man. This is clearly shown by the new liberal normalization and culture globalization.          

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