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    National Party Organlzations 

The  Tunisia Arab National List stressed that Syria's battle with the world evil forces will define the Arab future, and defeating terrorism requires cooperation and coordination with Syria.

A statement released by the list said: Everyone uplifting slogans of nationalism or Arab unity must give absolute priority, at this stage  to strongly support explicitly Syria and her leadership, people and army and call upon Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia to coordinate with Syria, otherwise, pretending to fight terrorism is bosh or lying and misguidance.

It considered those who did not realize that Syria's battle is today the most important battle of the Arab nation, did not realize anything. They are very far away from the Arab reality, drawing the attention to the fact that the takfiri terrorism is menacing everybody. It is the fourth generation of Zionism-American wars against the Arab Nation.

National Forum on Peace in Syria Demands Italian-Syrian  Diplomatic Relations be Restored

The National forum on peace in Syria launched, on 25.07.2015, a popular campaign in Italy demanding the restoration of the diplomatic relations between Italy and Syria and the removal of the unjust embargo and sanctions, imposed on the Syrian Arab people. It emphasized that the Syrian-Italian diplomatic relations restoration at this very sensitive stage is a pressing necessity for security coordination while there is a daily threat of terrorism to Europe and the countries of the region.

Through a signature collection campaign, the Forum called upon the Italian government officials and parliamentarians to work for halting the sufferings of the Syrian Arab people, considering that Italy, which was always a bridge of cooperation and dialogue in the Middle East, cannot play an effective, important and realistic role in solving the crisis in Syria while the diplomatic relations with her are severed.

It also called for pressure exercising on the Italian government to reconsider its stands and mistakes related to the war on Syria, charging  the Italian government and EU with the responsibilities of participation in this war through the unjust embargo and sanctions on the Syrian Arab people.

Nationalist and Leftist Parties Coalition

Stresses Palestinian Refugees Rights to Return to

Their Homelands

Jordanian NLPC issued, on 26.07.2015 a press release talking about political plans and moves made by several countries, particularly America and France, Palestinian divisions and the nonexistence of a national conception at some Palestinian leaderships, as well as halting the UNRWA’s few service it renders to the refugees and to politically use it for liquidating the Palestinian cause. The release emphasized adherence to the role of UNRWA which represents a living international witness to the Palestinian refugees tragedy who had been forcefully displaced from their homeland. It also stressed the legitimate rights of the Arab Palestinian people to liberate their land, establish their own independent free sovereign state on their homeland soil, as well as their right to return home.




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