• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Art 38 - The Family, Race and Marriage:
Item One: The Family is the basic cell of the Nation and the Government has to protect, develop and nourish it.
Item Tow: The race is firstly the trust of the Family and secondly the State's. Both have to work on its multiplication and looking after its health and upbringing.
Item Three: Marriage is a National duty and the State has to encourage, facilitate and control it.

Art 39- The Health of the Society?
The State has to establish, at its own expense, establishments of preventive medicine, sanatoria and hospitals which meet the needs of all citizens perfectly and guarantee free medication to them.

Art 40- Work:
Item One: Work is obligatory for the able. The State has to ensure an intellectual or manual work for every citizen.
Item Tow: The work must guarantee to the worker an appropriate standard of living, at least.
Item Three: The State shall assure the living of all those disabled from work.
Item Four: Promulgation of a fair legislation for workers that determines the daily working hours, allowing for a paid weekend and annual leave, protects their rights and assures the social insurance in old age and partial or full recompense for harm during work.
Item Five: Formation of Free Unions for workers and peasants and encouraging them to become a means fit for defending their rights, raising their levels, adopting their skills, increasing offered opportunities and the creation of the spirit of solidarity among them.
Item six: The formation of Special Work Courts in which the workers and Peasants Unions are represented. These courts shall settle the disputes occurring between them and the managers of factories and representatives of the State.

Art 41-The Culture of the Society:
Item One: The party shall work on establishing a general, national, Arab, free, progressive, comprehensive and profound culture that has human aims. This culture will be generalized among all classes of the people.
Item Tow: The State is responsible for the maintenance of the freedom of speech, publication, assembly, protest and press, within the limits of the supreme Arab national interest, and offering all means and capabilities that fulfill this freedom.
Item Three: The Intellectual Work is one of the holiest works, and the State has to protect and encourage the intellectuals and the scientists.
Item Four: Giving way - within the boundaries of the Arab National Conception- for the establishment of clubs, societies, parties, youth organizations, establishments of tourism and the utilization of cinema, broadcasting, television and all means of moden civilization on the generalization of the National Education and entertainment of the people.

Art. 42- The elimination of class discrimination and distinction:
Class discrimination is the outcome of a corrupt social situation. Therefore, the Party will always struggle for the oppressed toiling classes of the society until such discrimination and distinction disappear and all citizens can restore completely their human value and can be given a life under a social fair system where no citizen has any priority over another, except of his intellectual and dexterous capacity.

Art. 43- Bedouin Communities:
Bedouin life is a primitive social status that undermines the national production and renders a large portion of the nation paralyzed. It is a factor that precludes the development and progress of the nation. The party is striving to modernize Bedouin life and give Bedouins lands together with the cancellation of the tribal system and the enforcement of the State's laws on them.


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