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The 14th of August the current is the 9th Anniversary of the LR Victory over the Zionist enemy in 2006. This victory crowned a previous one in May 2000, when the south was liberated. Such victories enhanced Lebanon strength because they were the outcome of the people, the army and the resistance struggle.

The South liberation formed a new historical event in the national steadfastness, in the liberation of the occupied Arab land and the restoration of the usurped rights. The importance of the resistance and liberation is not because they are a victory for Lebanon, but also a victory for Syria, which embraced, defended and protected the Resistance, as well as being a victory for all the Arabs.

From August 2006 until August 2015, the Resistance is still confronting the Zionist enemy, as it always does. It is today waging battles of honor and pride while fighting together with the Syrian Arab Army, the terrorist takfiri mercenaries.

No doubt the LR victory contributed to the changing of the regional and international equations for the interest of the Arab Nation. The American-Zionist aggression on Lebanon in 2006 failed and did not achieve its purpose, thanks to the Resistance steadfastness and to Syria. The cosmic terrorist war (which is spreading killings and devastation in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Egypt and threatening Lebanon stability) might  be an attempt to revive the colonialist plan of dividing and crumbling the region. But the victory of the resistance and Syria in Lebanon will abort this plan.

The Resistance axis is now asserting that the will of the people is stronger than those whose decisions are made abroad. They are drowned in the dependency swamps. The Resistance is continuing until the liberation of Palestine and the other occupied Arab territories and defeating the takfiri terrorism and its project, which is backed up by the forces of injustice and aggressions.

The Comrade Regional Secretary of the party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad asserted that "Our battle with terrorism is a "to be or not to be" battle". No place for neglect or reconciliation… We in Syria, reject bargaining our causes or neglect our rights. We are determined not to deviate from our principles and to adhere to our course". The course of Resistance that has proved its righteousness.

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