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    National Party Organlzations 

The Baath Arab Socialist Party National Leadership issued a brochure titled: "The Baath Arab Socialist Party – Sudan.. Positions and Visions". The brochure contains important topics about the Sudanese Baath Party Regional Leadership's visions of the Arab Nation reality and its position toward what is happening in Syria, confirming the failure of all attempts that have targeted Syria, thanks to the cohesion among the people, army and leadership. It also covers the events and activities carried out by the Sudanese Regional Leadership in coordination with the National Leadership.
The brochure also reviews the situations in Sudan and the ways to solve its crisis, as well as the march of the Baath in it, its activities, positions and its relations with people's parties and organizations on the Sudanese national arena whose  policies are converging with  the Baath orientations. The brochure also highlights the Party's efforts to broaden its mass base and prepare and qualify  Party cadres, as well as Party education and preparation on various organizational levels through displaying Comrade Tijani Mustafa's, the Regional Secretary of the Baath Party in Sudan, opinions, thoughts, and conversations which he gave to  the Party  site on internet, the " Baath Message" issued by the Party's National Leadership and to a number of Sudanese newspapers during the period from 2011 till 2015.

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