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On 14/8/2015 , the BASP in Lebanon, issued a statement confirming that in his recent speech delivered on 27/6/2015 during a meeting with heads and members of people's organizations, trade unions and chambers of industry, commerce, agriculture and tourism, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad  approached things rationally with equanimity and with the firmness of an unrelenting leader bearing in mind the inevitability of victory.

The Baath Party Regional Leadership praised the speech clearness and accuracy in describing the current stage in terms of  exposing the terrorist groups allegations and their supporters countries that practice duplicity in describing terrorism as " terrorism when it befalls them, but revolution, democracy and human rights when it befalls us" This was described, by His Excellency the President, as hypocrisy.
 The statement stressed the necessity of exerting every effort in the next stage in order to " deliver the truth through all international forums, especially juristic bodies and organizations and civil society bodies wherever they are and organize events to show the facts and publish them through the mass media and social intercommunication sites with high efficiency and new ways that are suitable with the nature of each stage".

The statement was concluded by paying tributes to the heroic Syrian Arab Army, the honorable Lebanese Resistance, Baath Brigades, the National Defense, People's Committees and all the forces fighting side by side in the battle to defend Arabism bastion and its beating heart.

On 2/8/2015, the Baath Party Regional Leadership in Lebanon issued a statement on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of  both Arab Syrian and Lebanese armies foundation confirming that the steadfastness of the two armies in the face of the hostile American and terrorist takfiri project is considered a legendary steadfastness of epic heroism, sacrifice and manliness which will be a beacon and role model for future generations.

The statement valued the sacrifices of both brave armies stressing its pride with both victory making armies in confronting the terrorist takfiri groups. 


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