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    National Party Organlzations 

On 1/8/2015, the Baath Arab Progressive Party Central Leadership delegation in Jordan, headed its by Secretary General Fouad Dabour,  emphasized the importance of the Syrian Arab Army's role in facing the terrorism forces supported by regional and international Western European Zionist- American powers.

During their visit, the delegation congratulated Dr. Ayman Alloush, Syrian Charge D'affaires in Jordan, on the seventieth anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army foundation and its victories in facing various terrorist organizations, referring to the role of the ideological Syrian Arab Army in protecting Syria from Zionist plots, supporting  the Resistance and fighting terrorism.

The Syrian Charge D'affaires thanked the delegation members for their visit and good feelings towards the Syrian army which is the army of every Arab and towards the Baath Arab Socialist Party, which has always fought for the interest, progress, pride and liberation of Syria and the Arab Nation.



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