• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Dr. Mohammad al-Rifai, professor at the Faculty of Information, Damascus University

Since its foundation, the BASP gave great interest to the mass media, including the press, and relied on its role in finding general (Pan-Arab, free, progressive, comprehensive, deep, and humane) culture which it worked to circulate among all people. This was stated in the first item of Article 41 of the Party Constitution which in its second item, lays the responsibility for protecting freedom of speech, publication, assembly, protest and press on the State within the high Pan-Arab national interest. The fourth item of the same article draws the attention to benefiting from cinema, radio, television and all modern civil means in order to circulate the Pan-Arab national culture and entertain the people.
Below are the most important Baath Party issues:
A. "The Baath" newspaper

The Baathists were active in writing essays and magazines available in the beginnings stage, then the party issued "The Baath" newspaper in Syria which started as a secret handwritten bulletin, circulated by Baathists in secret, until the first issue was published on the third of July 1946 with four pages.

B. " The Baath Message"

The Baath Message is printed in acceptable numbers and distributed on party leaderships and organizations inside and outside Syria. It is also published on the party's website. The most important contents of this message is translated into English and sent to brotherly and friendly organizations and parties in the world.

On the occasion of issuing the "100"th edition of the Message, an excellent edition of 40 pages was issued with an index of the topics it dealt with during its issuance period ( 2008-2011).

The Baath Message covers the activities and events of the Party National Leadership and its national organizations, as well as, political, economic, social, cultural issues and national thought, besides the positions of the Party towards the various latest developments. It also sheds light upon the Party struggle history, focuses on publishing Baath martyrs and strugglers' CVs and highlights several national personalities in the Arab world. Special editions were issued on the occasion of the Baath Foundation.  

The Party Website
Aware of the importance of electronic media, the National Leadership launched its website on the 7th of April 2001 and renewed it on the 7th of April 2015. The Regional (Syrian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Jordanian, and Mauritanian) Leaderships of the Baath Party also launched their websites which include a comprehensive definition of the Party, its activities and its ideological and political visions on the whole events and developments in the Arab world and the world.


















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